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Human Well-Being, Development and Ageing

We carry out pioneering multi-disciplinary research on factors affecting well-being and health across the lifespan, including child development, mental health and issues affecting older people. Our research examines the importance of physical activity and sports participation, religious and spiritual beliefs, cultural factors, inequality, rehabilitation and educational interventions.

Case Study: Enjoyable and Affordable Exercise Devices for Stroke Survivors

Every 5 minutes someone in the UK has a stroke, many being left with persistent problems in using their hand and arm, post-stroke. Treatments that work best require lots of practice, and movements which must be repeated many times. Engaging the individual to put in sufficient practice to make a difference is a challenge, given NHS resources, and the boredom of doing repetitive exercise. For the last three years, a Brunel team alongside Neurofenix ( stroke survivors have been undertaking a research programme to provide a solution. We have developed a portable innovative training device (the NeuroBall)that allows all-in-one arm training through uniquely designed rehabilitation computer games displayed on an iPad or laptop. We have tested the NeuroBall in the lab, and in participants homes in a non-randomised intervention study funded by Innovate UK. The NeuroBall was found to be safe, enjoyable, and easy to use. Next, we plan to test the device in a StrokeAssociation / MedCity funded feasibility RCT, in a stroke unit and during the first few weeks back at home.

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“The [NeuroBall] is brilliant. I think it’s for anybody who’s got disability. I like the games... The games are challenging but they’re good games. I like everything about it.”
Paulina, who participated in the project and benefitted from the new training device developed by Neurofenix and Brunel in coordination with Innovate UK.