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Environmental Toxicology

Our research explores how harmful chemical mixtures in the environment can disrupt hormonal processes and should be considered as global health hazards. Working with regulatory bodies, we have developed a new approach to assessing the risks of these environmental pollutants.

Case Study: Better Health and Environmental Protection from Harmful Chemical Mixtures

Hundreds of synthetic chemicals contaminate our food and water. Brunel’s research has shown the harmful cumulative cocktail effects of low levels of contaminants in food and water, previously thought to be safe. The active translation of these results into European chemicals legislation ensured a sound basis for including multiple chemical exposures in risk assessment. By working with the European Food Safety Authority, Brunel demonstrated a viable approach to grouping chemicals for mixtures risk assessment. Our research has led to a totally new approach to grouping chemicals for mixtures risk assessment. This will influence maximum residue levels for toxic pesticides in food in Europe, leading to better protection of consumers against increased risks of harm multiple pesticide residues present in the majority of food items.

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