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US Direct Loans

The Direct Loan Program is a US federal loan scheme, available to eligible US Citizens only.  Brunel University London is eligible to certify loan applications for the Direct Loan Program.

To be eligible to receive a US Direct Loan at Brunel University London students must be studying in the UK and have a UK bank account in their own name.

Students arriving in the UK for the first time, must ensure that they have sufficient funds to sustain them until they have opened a UK bank account as this can take some time.

In order to comply with new regulations we have changed the date of the first disbursement.  New and continuing students will need to ensure that they have sufficient funds available to them to sustain them till he first disbursement which will be in the final week of October.

US Direct Loans for both Undergraduate and Graduate students are administered centrally by the University Funding Team. The information in this section is relevant to prospective and current Graduate and Undergraduate students.

Undergraduate students are eligible to apply for:

  • Direct Subsidised loans
  • Direct Unsubsidised loans
  • Parent plus loans (up to age 24, unmarried and with no dependents)

Graduate students are eligible to apply for:

  • Direct Unsubsidised loans
  • Direct (Grad) plus loans

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they apply and provide documentation only for loans that they are eligible to receive.

For information on eligibility for US Direct Loans please refer to the Federal Student Aid Website.

New and continuing students may also find this information on Eligibility useful.

Please read through the information sections on the right-hand side of this page before starting the application process. The process may be very different to previous applications made at US universities.

Students requiring information on how Brunel University London will administer their loan(s) should contact the University Funding Team. We cannot advise on the loan application process or eligibility.