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Maria Grey College Archives

Maria Grey was the creator of the National Union for Improving the Education of Women of all classes, a pressure group formed to state a case for women's rights to professional recognition as teachers. The Union initiated two major schemes: the Girl's Public Day School Company and the Teachers' Training & Registration Society (TTRS), set up in 1876.

The Teachers' Training & Registration Society opened a college on 1st May 1878 in Bishopsgate, London, adopting the name 'Maria Grey College' in March 1886. In 1946 the college moved to Twickenham, merging in 1976 with Borough Road College and Chiswick Polytechnic to form the West London Institute of Higher Education, which in turn became part of Brunel University in 1995. 

Holdings in brief

The Maria Grey College Archives contains the records of the college from its origins in 1876 to its incorporation to form the West London Institute of Higher Education in 1976.  The archives include: governance of the College, papers of the academic board, council, and committees, staff  and student records, course information, college clubs and societies, prospectuses, college magazines and photographs dating back to 1881.

The Archives include the The Murray Book Collection, which was the  E.R.Murray Memorial Library at Maria Grey College. Further information on this collection can be found here and the books are catalogued on our Archive catalogue.

Further resources:

Transcript of Maria Grey Training College List of Students 1879 - 1911, with additional biographical information from student magazines.