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Dr Muhammad Shafique

Howell 232

Research area(s)

Dr. Shafique’s research uses life cycle assessment, circular economy, and scenario modeling to identify environmental problems of emerging products and systems. Historically, our society has taken a reactionary approach to the environment. By proactively understanding the environmental issues of technologies that are still under development, we can identify a greater number of options and more creative and innovative solutions to avoid or reduce negative consequences. Shafique works on interdisciplinary topics including civil and transportation systems, green buildings, building information modeling (BIM), carbon-neutrality, sustainable design of energy systems, advanced fuels, sustainable and smart materials, energy, environment & economics nexus, and climate change adaptation.

One of his core areas of work includes developing an integrated modeling approach based on life cycle assessment and circular economy for sustainable construction and urban mobility. Looking forward, Dr. Shafique is determined to fight against climate change and reduce the carbon footprint of the civil and transportation industry as the key considerations while enabling a high level of sustainability and well-being for users.

Research Interests

Life cycle assessment, sustainability, circular economy, construction, transportation, green infrastructure, green buildings, building information modeling, energy systems, machine learning, water, and environmental management.