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Dr Nadine Aburumman

Dr Nadine Aburumman
Lecturer in Computer Science

Research area(s)

Computer Graphics and Animation, Immersive Virtual Reality (VR), and Vision and Perception.

Research Interests

Computer Graphics and Animation: I have a broad interest in computer graphics and animation. My primary area of research includes interactive character animation, real-time skinning, deformation, finite elementmethods, particle-based simulations, smoothed particle hydrodynamics, implicit skinning, collision detection,contact, and interactive physics.

Immersive Virtual Reality (VR): I am using VR in interdisciplinary research projects that include computing,cognitive neuroscience, social interaction, training and education.

Vision and Perception: SLAM, 3D reconstruction, feature detection, pattern recognition, structure frommotion, and visual learning.

Research supervision

Areas of supervision

  • Animated virtual characters
  • Virtual Reality/AR/XR
  • Visual learning
  • Creative applications of machine learning
  • Real-time physics
  • Serious game