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Dr Pauldy Otermans

Dr Pauldy Otermans
Lecturer (Education) in Psychology

Research Interests

My research focuses on different aspects of teaching and learning in Higher Education (HE). This covers a variety of topics including employability and HE; innovative teaching and learning; assessment and feedback; student satisfaction; student experience; online learning; diversity and HE. I am interested in looking at these different aspects of teaching and learning in the context of UK Higher Education, specifically in undergraduate programmes. A related area of research interest is related to factors influencing or contributing to students’ wellbeing/mental health in HE.

In addition, I am interested in well-being and personality constructs. I conduct mostly quantitative research (survey) and multivariate data analysis to interpret the data. However, I also conduct qualitative research. At the moment, I am conducting research on a newly developed scale called inner well-being and how this fits in with other measures of well-being used in psychology research. Furthermore, I am interested in ethnic studies and well-being.

My previous research focuses on multitasking, i.e. what happens if people do two things at the same time (cognitive psychology/cognitive neuroscience) and working memory. To study this, I combined an established paradigm from experimental psychology which combines two basic speeded choice-response tasks into a dual-task situation with a working memory task. The measures I use are reaction time, accuracy and recall performance. I am interested in the executive functions required in multitasking and working memory.