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PhD topics for research students

Find below a list of currently available self-funded PhD topics.

We encourage all students to contact the supervisor or the alternative contact person for more information and an informal chat to discuss the process of applying and preparing your research statement. For more information on how to apply click here.

Design of virtual immersive environments for inclusive multimodal experiences
Immersive technologies such as Virtual Reality are a topic of fast-paced research, and knowledge boundaries are presently being pushed by design research on inclusive immersive social environments, am...
Self Funded
Design of digital technology and machine learning solutions for mental health
The significant societal and economic impact of mental health conditions worldwide is well documented. With a growing awareness of mental health, the pressing need to streamline access to sustainable ...
Self Funded
Disruptive Digital Experiences
Digital experiences deliberately go beyond simply communicating information - they seek to strongly engage, involve, and emotionally affect the user using digital means. A huge array of interactions a...
Self Funded
Constructing a stable world: how the brain uses gaze direction to disambiguate sensory information
When objects move in the real world, they create a wave of activity across the retina representing that movement. But the same effect could be achieved by moving our eyes across a static object. The b...
Self Funded
International law and the psychological impact of warfare on civilians
Drawing on the emerging field of psychology of international law, the PhD student will examine how international law discusses or should discuss civilian mental harm in warfare from a substantive as w...
Self Funded
Digital twin in continuous UF/DF step of bioprocess
Continuous technology represents the future tendency of biopharmaceutical processing. Compared to the batch process, the continuous process has benefits of reduced cost, increased productivity, improv...
Self Funded
Deep learning methods in multi-omics data analysis for critical disease
Personalised treatment is a new and strategic approach to separating patients into different groups based on their personal response or risk of disease so that treatments can be tailored to the indivi...
Self Funded
Digital Stone: Robotic Construction of a Masonry Arch Bridge
Stone bridges and buildings were widely built up until the 1920s. They last for hundreds - and in many cases thousands of years, for example those built by the Romans. With 80% lower carbon emission c...
Self Funded
Distributed energy resources optimisation
An urban or domestic district energy system typically consists of micro wind turbines (WT), PV panels, heat pumps (HP) and vehicle to grid (V2G) system for the residents. This project aims to study th...
Self Funded
Medical image segmentation and classification
Medical image segmentation helps clinicians focus on a particular area of the disease and extract detailed information for a more accurate diagnosis. The key challenges associated with medical image s...
Self Funded