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Anti-racism working group

At Brunel, we recognise that we need to do much more within our community to put an end to racism and its impact on our colleagues and students.

Our Anti-racism working group brings together colleagues from across the university to lead work to combat racism and actively change the policies, behaviours, and beliefs that perpetuate racist ideas and actions at Brunel.

Meaningful change starts with a commitment to fighting the inequality and racism we find around us, and everyone at Brunel can help achieve this, regardless of your role at our university.

On this site, you’ll find useful information on racism and anti-racism resources, training, research as well as news and events held by our community. 

About the Anti-racism working group

Formed in 2020, following the murder of George Floyd and the global Black Lives Matter movement, the Group has met regularly since, initially to share lived experiences of racism and more recently to focus work on five priorities.

Colleagues from our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff network and associated student groups are members and are consulted with regularly. The group reports to the Equality Opportunities and Human Resources Committee, Student Experience and Welfare Committee and other University committees where appropriate.

 Who's who

Colleagues from across the university are part of our working group. If you would like to join please email Jean Meehan.


<span class='contactname'>Dr Survjit Cheeta</span>
Dr Survjit Cheeta
Dean of Culture and Inclusion and Chair
<span class='contactname'>Henrietta Spalding</span>
Henrietta Spalding
Student Equality and Diversity Manager
<span class='contactname'>Beatrice Otudeko</span>
Beatrice Otudeko
Staff Equality and Diversity Manager
<span class='contactname'>Dr Tina Ramkalawan</span>
Dr Tina Ramkalawan
Director of Brunel Graduate School
<span class='contactname'>Dr Royona Mitra</span>
Dr Royona Mitra
Associate Dean of Equality and Diversity, CBASS
<span class='contactname'>Dr Laura Hills</span>
Dr Laura Hills
Associate Dean - Equality and Diversity, CHMLS
<span class='contactname'>Professor Maria Kolkotroni</span>
Professor Maria Kolkotroni
Associate Dean of Equality and Diversity, CEDPS
<span class='contactname'>Dr Nana Anokye</span>
Dr Nana Anokye
Academic representative and Divisional Lead / Reader – Health Economics
<span class='contactname'>Dr Asress Gikay</span>
Dr Asress Gikay
Academic representative and Lecturer in AI, Disruptive Innovation and Law
<span class='contactname'>Dr Adrienne Milner</span>
Dr Adrienne Milner
Academic representative and Senior Lecturer in Public Health
<span class='contactname'>Ximena Schmidt</span>
Ximena Schmidt
ECR representative and Research Fellow - Global Challenges
<span class='contactname'>Sharanya Murali</span>
Sharanya Murali
ECR representative and Lecturer (Education Academic) in Theatre
<span class='contactname'>Connie Fernandes</span>
Connie Fernandes
Student representative and Vice-President Student Activities
<span class='contactname'>Sam Johnson</span>
Sam Johnson
Student representative and Vice-President CHLMS, Union of Brunel Students
<span class='contactname'>Bina Fatania</span>
Bina Fatania
CMSR representative and Students First Programme and Communications Manager
<span class='contactname'>Robyn Fitzharris</span>
Robyn Fitzharris
Working Group support, Executive Officer to Vice-Provost (Education)