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Here are some examples of some of the incredible research which is taking place by colleagues at Brunel into decolonisation, anti-racism and, equality, diversity and inclusion. 

Research groups and centres


Interculturality for diversity and global learning research group



<span class='contactname'>Dr Marco Benoit Carbone</span>
Dr Marco Benoit Carbone
Lecturer in Games Design, CBASS
<span class='contactname'>Dr Stan Gaines</span>
Dr Stan Gaines
Senior Lecturer in Psychology
<span class='contactname'>Donna-Marie Holder</span>
Donna-Marie Holder
Doctoral Researcher, Education
<span class='contactname'>Dr Kate Hoskins</span>
Dr Kate Hoskins
Reader - Education, CBASS
<span class='contactname'>Dr Dana Maki</span>
Dr Dana Maki
Senior Lecturer (Education) in Physiotherapy
<span class='contactname'>Professor Sarita Malik</span>
Professor Sarita Malik
Professor - Media, Culture and Communications, CBASS
<span class='contactname'>Dr Wendy Martin</span>
Dr Wendy Martin
Senior Lecturer, CBASS
<span class='contactname'>Dr Adrienne Milner</span>
Dr Adrienne Milner
Senior Lecturer in Public Health
<span class='contactname'>Professor Mustafa Ozbilgin</span>
Professor Mustafa Ozbilgin
Professor, Brunel Business School, CBASS
<span class='contactname'>Professor Maria Tsouroufli</span>
Professor Maria Tsouroufli
Professor in Education, CBASS
<span class='contactname'>Dr Joana Vassilopoulou</span>
Dr Joana Vassilopoulou
Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management, CBASS
<span class='contactname'>Dr Simon Weaver</span>
Dr Simon Weaver
Senior Lecturer, CBASS
<span class='contactname'>Dr Peter Wilkin</span>
Dr Peter Wilkin
Divisional Lead / Reader - Comms, Media & Cultural Studies, CBASS