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Dr Amir Mohagheghi
Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics

Heinz Wolff 202

Research area(s)

In vivo examination of muscle and tendon architecture and mechanical properties: Muscle and tendon architectural and biomechanical properties can affect function. These characteristics are changed in clinical populations with neurological disorders (e.g. stroke, cerebral palsy). Dr Mohagheghi’s interest is focused on the effect of neurological disorders and efficacy of different therapeutic interventions on muscle and tendon properties and functional abilities. He has been a contributing author to the development of the UK national guideline for “Splinting for the prevention and correction of contractures in adults with neurological dysfunction” published 2015. 

Information on our ongoing research involving individuals with Cerebral Palsy can be found at: 

Movement disorders and musculoskeletal injuries: many neurological and musculoskeletal disorders affect walking, balance, arm movement and coordination between limbs. In stroke survivors, we examine the effect of experimentation in a StartReact context on the recovery of arm movements. In patients who will be receiving foot arthrodesis (fusion) surgery, we examine the effect of surgery on walking and standing balance.

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