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Dr Anne Chappell

Dr Anne Chappell
Division Lead in Education

Research Interests

Research Interests

are in education, policy, professionals, narrative methodologies and ethical exploration and representation. She has a particular interest in resistance. Anne’s research interests

Current Research

1. Universities Supporting Victims of Sexual Violence: Training for Sustainable Student Services (USVSV) (Co-I: £148,236: co-funded by the European Commission’s DG Justice, Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (DAPHNE), 2016-2018, JUST/2014/RDAP/AG/VICT/7401):

This is an evaluation of a programme developed as part of the project to support Brunel University London staff to offer an effective ‘first response’ to disclosures of sexual violence. The project is taking place across 7 European countries (; #USVReact).

14,717: funded by the Access and Student Success Fund, 2016-2017): £2. Successful students: exploring the factors that encourage and enable widening participation students to stay the course (PI

This project focuses on what encourages and enables WP students to stay at university and complete their studies to provide a fuller and more judicious understanding of WP and the student experience. Focusing on the everyday experiences of level 3 WP students at Brunel, this project uses a creative and interactive methodology with students as stakeholders.

3. Professional Learning: Teachers’ Experiences (2015-2018):

This project is exploring the way in which teachers at different career stages experience their professional roles, the meaning they attribute to the experiences, their responses to policy, and the impact on their lives and work.

Research Clusters

Leader for ‘Professional Formation’ research cluster in the College of Business, Arts and Social Science;

Member of ‘Transcultures-Survival’ research cluster in the College of Business, Arts and Social Science

Previous Research

Professional Learning: Teachers’ Narratives of Experience (2014):

Doctoral research focussed on the ways in which teachers narrate and make meaning of their professional experiences, with consideration of the dilemmas associated with the research process including data collection, analysis and representation.

An exploration of black and minority ethnic students’ experiences of physical education teacher education led by Leeds Metropolitan University (£2000 funded by a Recruitment and Retention Challenge Grant from the Training and Development Agency (TDA), 2008 to 2009).

Research Groups