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Dr Evina Katsou
Visiting Professor - CEE

Membership and affiliation

- Member of management group of the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) of the Visiting Professors Scheme. Involved in the design of the RAE teaching strategy for the coming years  01/01/2019-31/12/2022

- Water Europe: co-leader Circular Economy (CE) VLT  01/01/2022 -2024

- Leader of the SMART WATER Working Group (ICT4Water of EASME E.U.): Contribution to the action plan for optimal operation of WWTPs by using advanced digital systems. Organization of annually workshops. White paper on Decision Support Systems (DSS) for Integrated Water System Management Since May2018

- Leader of the working group in the Cost Action Water (CA17133) on implementing nature-based solutions for creating a resourceful circular city 2018-2022

- Member of the BSI’s sustainable resource management committee of experts (the code for the committee is SDS/3/4): New ISO standards TC323 on Circular Economy Member of the WG3 -Measuring Circularity; Indicators Drafting Team)