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Dr Inge Dornan
Divisional Lead / Reader in the History of Race and Gender

Marie Jahoda 228

Research area(s)

  • British slavery and slave trading in North America and the Caribbean c1700-1833
  • Gender and slavery
  • Child slavery
  • Slave literacy and education 
  • British and American abolition

Research Interests

My research explores race and gender in Britain and the Americas in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with a particular emphasis on the British slave trade, slavery and abolition. 

I'm currently undertaking a research project on the global role and impact of the British and Foreign School Society based on the newly catalogued archive of the BFSS's foreign correspondence collection. The BFSS was the UK's foremost non-denominational educational society in the nineteenth century. Led by pioneering social reformers as well as a number of leading abolitionists, including William Wilberforce, the society set its sights on engineering a worldwide reformation in elementary education over the course of the nineteenth century, and dispatched scores of trained missionaries and teachers to all four corners of the globe to deliver unsectarian Christian instruction to pupils in the English language and vernacular.

From 1814, the society sent trained missionaries and teachers to the British West Indies, where they taught enslaved children to read and write.

I have a second monograph project nearing completion on a history of women's slave ownership in South Carolina c.1690-1865.

I'm also working on a third, long-term research project on a history of women walkers. Inspired by a life-long passion for walking and the outdoors, this book draws on many years of research and teaching in the field of British women's history in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.   

Research grants and projects

Project details