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Dr Stanley Gaines

Dr Stanley Gaines
Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Research area(s)

  • International development
  • Personal relationships
  • Cross-cultural psychology
  • Ethnic studies

Research Interests

I was trained as a social psychologist with specialties in close relationships and statistics. I am especially interested in the impact of personality characteristics (e.g., attachment orientations, cultural values) and demographic characteristics (e.g., gender, ethnic group membership) on personal relationship processes (e.g., accommodation, interpersonal resource exchange). My current research focuses on links between objective poverty and individuals’ experience of inner wellbeing across time, among married women, married men, and single women heading households in rural villages within India and Zambia.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects

Project details

ESRC/UKAid Wellbeing and Poverty Pathways £499,894 August 2010 - July 2013 Stanley O Gaines Jr (CI)


Aspects of Experiences with Racism as Predictors of Susceptibility to Stereotype Threat among African-Descent Persons in the United KingdomJanuary 2008 - June 2009 Stanley O Gaines Jr (PI)

Research links

Co-author network

Research group(s)

  • CCEP