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Seminars and Events

ODA-SPS Research Seminars 2023/2024

1-11To join any of our seminars, please contact Dr Manu Savani:

22 Nov 2023 | 1pm-2pm Umberto Famulari (BUL) | How Text and Visual Framing of Homelessness Influences Policy Support and Civic Engagement



08 Dec 2023|Jeff Karp | Public Support for Voter ID Laws in the UK: How Citizens Weigh Electoral Integrity and Voter Access



13 Dec 2023 | Steve Pickering (University of Amsterdam) | Ahead of the Curve or Left Behind? The Drivers of Politics and Disease


26 Jan 2024 | Justin Fisher (BUL) | Does Campaign Momentum Lead to Tactical Voting?


31 Jan 2024 | Manu Savani (BUL) | What Encourages People to Take Up a Covid-19 Vaccine When They Lack Trust In It?


07 Feb 2024 | Jess Smith (University of Edinburgh) | Navigating the storm: Voters' gendered perceptions of leaders in times of crisis


28 Feb 2024 | Stuart Fox (University of Exeter) | “We don't do God": The Religious Penalty in British Politics


15 Mar 2024 | Martin Hansen (BUL) | Political, Financial or Security Strategy? Examining Parliamentary Debates on Sellin



1 May 2024 | Dr Paul Lohmann (University of Cambridge) | Accelerating the sustainable food transition: The impact of behaviourally informed interventions on food choices (organised in cooperation with Brunel Economics & Finance)





ODA Summer Workshop 2023


Our inaugural summer research workshop brought together a series of presentations on the Group's new and upcoming research, including:

  • The impact of electoral reforms on Parliamentary behaviour (Martin Hansen)
  • Public support and opposition to voting rights tested in a series of survey experiments (Jeff Karp and Laura Sudulich, Essex)
  • Networking across the Polish-German border (Katja Sarmiento-Mirwaldt). 

We were pleased to welcome Prof Rosie Campbell to discuss her work on audit experiments and measuring MPs' responsiveness (how to do it and stay out of trouble).

Time: 7 June 2023 10 AM-13 PM