Placements help you to gain the all-important hands-on industry experience that is directly relevant to your degree, adding more value to your degree once you graduate.  Our team of expert Placement/Internship Advisers will help you secure a placement through our well-established connections in the public and private sector, from a wide range of industries from financial institutions, government departments to not-for-profit organisations.  Last year we helped over 900 students achieve placements, taken either during a whole year or in two separate periods of up to six months. 

Why a placement?

  • Increase your knowledge: Gain new perspectives, experience and enhanced skills that can only be achieved on a placement.
  • Achieve a better degree: Evidence clearly shows that a student who does a placement year achieves better final results than those who don’t.
  • Develop key skills: A great opportunity to develop proven personal and social skills within a workplace environment.
  • Make better career choices: Discover more career options and find out if you will truly enjoy working in a career before finishing your degree.
  • Get a graduate job: Gain a competitive edge by building real contacts and boosting your CV. Employers do value employees with more work experience.
  • Broaden your horizons: A superb opportunity to travel, learn a new language and experience another culture when you undertake a placement overseas.
  • Earn £££ while you study: Many placements offers competitive wages and are paid well.

How do I apply?

  1. During a lecture in the autumn term of your second year, you will meet the Placement and Internship Advisor that is assigned to your college. You will find out what placements entails, what students have done in the past and the type of placement jobs available.
  2. Complete a form and give it to your Placement and Internship Adviser in the PDC.

Your adviser will assist you from start to finish, from helping with your application, prepare for interviews and even a mock interview to ensure you are fully prepared.

Please contact us to find out if your course offers a placement and for more information.


Placement opportunity: Environment Agency Summer Placements June-September 2017

As part of our developing relationship with The Environment Agency, we are delighted to offer summer placements following on from a very successful pilot programme in 2016.

Environment Agency will be on campus on Wednesday 1 March to give presentations on the placements. Join them in Lecture Centre room 116 - lectures are 1-2pm or 2-3pm. 

This will give background to the Environment Agency, the placement programme, the student response to the programme in 2016 and opportunities this year and provide the opportunity to ask questions and discuss informally about the programme.

The Environment Agency

The Environment Agency is the environmental regulator for England.  Its roles spans managing river and coastal flood risk, effective regulation of significant emissions to air, land and water as well as oversight of waste management.  To discharge its many roles, it monitors and evaluates the state of the environment, manages assets such as flood defences and provides excellent customer service to the public and business providing information, support and advice. For more information, please see


Placement Programme

The proposed placement programme is to be based in the Environment Agency’s Operations Directorate.  This Directorate delivers much of the operational work in the environment, including sampling and monitoring, as well as local customer service across the Agency’s 14 operational Areas across England.


Roles and locations

The roles are in London, home-counties, Midlands, Yorkshire and East Anglia. We are finalising the numbers and locations of placements and the list attached is correct at the time of publication. Updates will be posted as they occur.  Please indicate on your application form which roles you wish to be considered for – you may apply for more than one and up to 3.

The placements are open to any Brunel student – undergraduate and post-graduate that are eligible to work in the UK.

The Environment Agency has set out the roles is has available, and its requirements for eligibility for work, and the checks it will need to make ahead of employment.

Please note that students will need to be available between early June and Friday 18 September. The 2017/18 term start date is 25 September for students returning to their next academic year. A short holiday can be agreed by discussion with the new line manager. Based on the findings in the 2016 pilot, some placements may be extended beyond 18 September by agreement with the Agency and the individual student.

Students will be expected to be able to reach the work location reliably.  A driving licence will be required for field-based roles and this is indicated on the list of roles.


Hours and Rate of pay

Your working time will be 37 hours per week.  You will be paid the ‘living wage’, at  £8.45 @ 37h week outside London: £312.65 per week; 
£9.75 @37h week for London area: £360.75 per week.


For those students needing accommodation, the Brunel Professional Development Centre team will work with the Environment Agency local offices to source accommodation, through websites including AirBnB, and possibly local agents. Ultimately it will be the placement holders’ responsibility for securing and paying for accommodation and ensuring that they are able to reach the work base each day.


Application process

A presentation on the placements will be held on Wednesday 1 March Lecture Centre room 116 1-2pm, and again at 2-3pm. 

This will give background to the Environment Agency, the placement programme, the student response to the programme in 2016 and opportunities this year and provide the opportunity to ask questions and discuss informally about the programme.

Applications will be by covering letter and application form.

Completed applications must sent to Michelle Kavan, Deputy Director at the Professional Development Centre at

Applications must be received by 12 noon on Monday 6 March.

Interviews will take place at Brunel on 30 and 31 March. It is possible that other interview sessions will be arranged for some specific roles.

Successful candidates will be notified by 7 April. 

An induction day will be held at Brunel for the successful applicants to ensure all are aware of the Environment Agency, its roles and responsibilities and finalise the joining arrangements. 

This is provisionally to be held in the week beginning 23 May at Brunel depending on examination timetable for students, and may involve a trip to a local operational office or sites.

Pending the pre-employment checks have been completed, placements will commence provisionally in the week beginning 5 June 2017.



Page last updated: Thursday 23 February 2017