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Dr Annette Payne

Dr Annette Payne

Research area(s)

My research interests are divided into two areas:

1. Computational and systems biology, including bioinformatics and medical informatics.

2. Technology assisted learning, including e-learning, blended learning, cross discipline use of technology in the arts and design.

Research grants and projects

Research Projects

Project details

Projects I have received funding for: Wellcome Trust: Molecular Biology of Caldesmon MRC: Molecular Genetics of Retinal Degenerations Higher Education Academy: Feedback and simulations in e-learning packages NHS: Collection and genetic analysis of patient cancer tissue samples

Other projects I have been involved in include: Systems biology knowledge from microarray data Identification of leukaemia cells using automated computation recognition Signature mining of gene expression data

I currently have EU funding for the following projects: EU FP7: EFACTS project to better understand the molecular biology of Friedrichs Ataxia EU FP7: CRe-AM project to road map the use and development of ICT in the creative industries

Other projects I am currently working on include: Feedback what when and how in e-learning management systems Whole genome epigenetic computational analysis of cancer cells Usability of computational aids for rehabilitation of patients