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Lab 2: Responsible Consumption and the Circular Economy


Lab Lead: Professor Dorothy Yen

Email: dorothy.yen@brunel.ac.uk

Mission: Food waste is a serious problem in modern-day society throughout the world. Food which is produced but not consumed occupies almost 30% of the world’s agricultural land, while one-third of all greenhouse gas emissions (3.3 gigatons) is produced by the food industry. In the UK, 22% of purchased food is not consumed by households; this is the largest segment of post-farm-gate food waste (70%). To fight food waste, this research lab focuses on promoting responsible consumption behaviour in society, as well as solutions that contribute to a more circular economy, using a holistic approach to tackle food waste, from farm to fork. Our current projects include educating schoolchildren about sensible eating behaviour using their own designs; studying the spill-over of responsible consumption from children to parents, from school to household.



Dr Dorothy A. Yen is Professor of Marketing at Brunel Business School, Brunel University London. Dorothy takes on a consumer-centric approach, in order to understand and discuss aspects of marketing, branding and tourism. She studies how culture affects human behaviour, in both b2b and b2c domains, examining cross-cultural business relationships; film branding; consumer acculturation; the food consumption and social media practices of sojourners and migrants; and tourism boycotts. Her works are published in prestigious journals such as the British Journal of Management, Annals of Tourism Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Business Research, International Marketing Review, European Journal of Marketing, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, etc.