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Professor Savvas Tassou

Professor Savvas Tassou
Institute Director - Energy Futures

Research area(s)

  • Environmental control systems for buildings – both active and passive technologies (Refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump systems, heat recovery, systems driven by renewable sources).
  • Development and application of modelling techniques and control strategies for the thermal design, performance prediction and control of refrigeration and HVAC equipment.
  • Food refrigeration including supermarket refrigeration and environmental control systems and unitary equipment.
  • Energy systems including tri-generation and renewable energy technologies.
  • Heat transfer and heat exchangers.
  • Wastewater filtration.

Research project(s) and grant(s)

  • Development and implementation of energy efficient technologies and business practices for the refrigeration of food-Consortium project funded by DEFRA (June 2006 – May 2009). Total value of project £1,052,833. Value to Brunel £250,516. (July 2006 – June 2009)
  • Integration of tri-generation and CO2 based refrigeration systems for energy conservation in the food industry. Funded by DEFRA and 15 Industrial partners (April  2007 – October  2010). Total value of project £682,350. Value to Brunel £337,600.
  • Greenhouse Gas Impacts of Food Retailing – Investigation of the application of the PAS 2050 methodology to food distribution and retail, Funded by DEFRA, (December 2007-June  2009) £72,000.
  • Investigation of the Application of the PAS 2050 methodology to assess the GHG emissions from service industries. Funded by DEFRA, (July 2008-June  2009), £20,000.
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in CO2 refrigeration Systems, A&N Shilliday & Company Ltd, and the EPSRC.  Doctor of Engineering Programme, EngD (2007-2012) £125000.
  • Sandpit-Integration of active and passive indoor thermal environment control systems to minimise the carbon footprint of airport buildings. Funded by the EPSRC   EP/H004181/1  (Oct 2009-Sept. 2012). £746,200. Brunel Lead Partner with Loughborough,,  De Montfort, City, and the University of Kent.
  • Optimising Thermal Energy Recovery, Utilisation and Management in the Process Industries – OPTITHERM. Funded by the EPSRC, EP/GO59799/1, (Oct. 2009-Sept.2012), EPSRC funding  £511,628. Brunel (lead), with Newcastle University and Northumbria University. 
  • Integrated thermal energy storage in food refrigeration equipment for energy and CO2 emissions reduction, Funded by Defra: Total cost of project £823376, Funding from Defra £395776, April 2010-September 2013.