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Professor Tassos Karayiannis

Howell Building 255

Research area(s)

  • Single and Two-phase Heat Transfer
  • Enhancement Techniques in Heat Transfer
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Thermal Systems, Refrigeration, Renewables

Research grants and projects

Project details


  • Dr D. Zhao, Fundamental study of the mechanism for critical heat flux. EPSRC; £154,145 at Brunel, £125,000 at Edinburgh.
  • Boiling and condensation in microchannels, with Edinburgh, Heriot Watt, Queen Mary and Nottingham Univ. Plus Industry, EPSRC to commence in October 2005, Total Funding £1.02M, Brunel funding £235K.

MPhil/PhD programmes

  • Vacancy, "Thermofluid transport phenomena in pressurised prodective clothing", EPSRC Quota Award, £44,700, UK Atomic Energy Authority £47,500.
  • L. Chen, "Flow boiling regimes in small to micro tubes", EPSRC £51,000, Completion in 2005.
  • A. Lalzad, "Solar assisted desalination plant", Funding from Council for the Assistance of Refuge Academics £15,000 , LSBU, Completion in 2005.
  • X. Huo, "Flow boiling heat transfer boiling in small to micro diameter tubes" Overseas Research Students Awards Scheme, LSBU, Completion in 2005.
  • I. Dabbousi, "In-tube flow boiling of refrigerant/oil mixtures". LSBU, Self funded.
  • O. Kamiyo, "Natural convection in cavities", £3000, (Lagos, Nigeria, Member of staff of Lagos University)
  • D. Shiferaw, "Vertical flow boiling in small diameter tubes" SED Scholarship.
  • Vacancy, "Boiling Heat Transfer with controlled arrays of nucleation sites on silicon surfaces" with Prof. David Kenning and in collaboration with University of Edinburgh, and staff at Ljubljana University, Los Alamos National Laboratory and University of Genova, EPSRC to start in Oct 2005, Total Funding £249K, Brunel funding £106 K.