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Our researchers work across the fields of Law, Economics and Finance to understand how the interactions between individuals, communities, business and institutions shape socio-economic outcomes, and what can be done to improve these outcomes.


Professor Nigar Hashimzade Professor Nigar Hashimzade
Professor - Economics
I joined Brunel in December 2019. My research interests are in applied microeconomic theory. Recently, my research has focussed on various issues in taxation and tax administration. I am a Research Fellow at the Tax Administration Research Centre and a member of CESifo Research Network. Before Brunel I held positions at Durham, Reading, and Exeter. My previous academic career was in theoretical physics.
Dr Stelios Andreadakis Dr Stelios Andreadakis
Reader in Corporate and Financial Law
Dr Stelios Andreadakis is a Reader in Corporate and Financial Law and Director of Postgraduate Programmes. Prior to joining Brunel, he was a Lecturer and LLM Director at the University of Leicester and a Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University. He holds a PhD and an LLM in International Commercial Law from the University of Leicester and an undergraduate Law degree from the Law School of the University of Athens, Greece. Dr Andreadakis’ research interests are in the areas of Corporate Law and EU Law. He is particularly interested in corporate governance, exploring aspects of regulation of companies, corporate theories, the operation of financial markets and the role of scandals in the introduction of new legislation. His current work focuses on the role of whistle-blowers in modern corporate governance and he is conducting empirical research in the US, Japan and Europe. A monograph will be published by Edward Elgar with the findings of the research project and his recommendations as to the role of corporate culture in the strengthening of whistleblower protection worldwide. Dr Andreadakis has published a very influential monograph, co-authored with Prof Sonia Morano-Foadi, on the process of European integration, the role of the judiciary and policy-makers as well as the future of human rights protection in the EU. In recognition of his work on this area, Dr Andreadakis was invited to make a contribution as an expert to a public Hearing organised by the Committee on Constitutional Affairs of the European Parliament in April 2016 in Brussels. Qualifications PhD, University of Leicester LLM, University of Leicester LLB, University of Athens PG Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (Oxford Brookes University) Qualified lawyer (Athens Bar Association) Teaching Company Law (Convenor) Comparative Corporate Law (Convenor) Principles of Corporate Law Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (Convenor) Student Support Dr Stelios Andreadakis is the Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes in the Brunel Law School.


Dr Hayleigh Bosher Dr Hayleigh Bosher
Associate Dean / Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law
Hayleigh is a Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law and Associate Dean (Professional Development and Graduate Outcomes) at Brunel University London, as well as, Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for Intellectual Property, Policy and Management, a legal consultant in the creative industries and an advisor for the independent UK charity for professional musicians, Help Musicians, writer and Book Review Editor for the specialist IP blog IPKat. Hayleigh is well-recognised in the field of intellectual property law, in particular copyright law and the creative industries, and has attained an international reputation in the field of music copyright in particular. Her work in this area has been cited extensively in academic, practitioner and policy outputs and is regularly interviewed by numerous national and international media outlets, including the BBC, ITV, Sky News and The Guardian, The Times and The Wall Street Journal. Hayleigh researches in the area of copyright and related laws in the creative industries, particularly in music, social media, and more recently artificial intelligence and related technologies e.g., NFTs. Her research always involves public, policy and industry engagement, with an emphasis on helping creators understand their rights whilst at the same time ensuring that those rights are fairly balanced and adequately supported by law. As such, she is widely published in academic peer-reviewed journals, in the press, and has responded to a number of policy inquiries at international and national level. Her recent book; Copyright in the Music Industry, is accompanied with a playlist and podcast which she produces and co-hosts with Jules O'Riordan. She appeared before the DCMS Select Committee in relation to their Inquiry on the Economics of Music Streaming. Hayleigh is a member of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and the Research Centre for Law, Economics and Finance at Brunel. Hayleigh joined Brunel in 2018, having previously held positions at Coventry University, The University of the Arts London and the Academy of Digital Entertainment, Breda University (Netherlands). Hayleigh is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She runs the Intellectual Property Pro Bono at Brunel Law School and teaches on the following programmes: LLM/PGCert: Copyright, Designs and Allied Rights (Module Convener) LLM Contemporary Themes in Intellectual Property Law (Module Convener) LLM Philosophy of Intellectual Property MA Artificial Intelligence Strategy LLB Intellectual Property Law PhD supervisor and dissertation supervisor Online Educational Tools Copyright and Social Media Faculti Interview 5 Free videos on Copyright, Designs & Trade Marks with Patsnap Academy. Sharing Your Teaching Materials Through Social Media CLA Blog IPKat blog
Dr Francesco De Pascalis Dr Francesco De Pascalis
Senior Lecturer in Financial Law
Dr Francesco De Pascalis joined Brunel Law School in 2017. Before that, he worked as a research fellow at the 'Chair for Law and Finance' held by Professor Kern Alexander at the University of Zurich, which he joined in 2013. He has also taught, as external lecturer, at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), University of London. He qualified as a Solicitor in Italy in 2008. Dr De Pascalis currently holds external examiner positions at the University of Glasgow-Law School. Dr De Pascalis's research interests include banking and finance law, financial regulation, digital finance and technology, and sustainable finance. his monograph Credit Ratings and Market Over-reliance: An International Legal Analysis (Brill-Nijoff 2017) is the first book analysing, from a legal perspective, the phenomenon of ivestors' over-reliance on external credit ratings and providing a critical assessment of the post-crisis regulatory strategies to tackle the phenomenon in question. At present, Dr De Pascalis is working on two book projects: Open Banking: Global Development and Regulation (forthcoming Routledge 2023) in co-authorship with Dr Monomita Nandy (Brunel Business School) and Dr Alan Brener (UCL), which will be part of the Routledge International Studies in Money and Banking series'; and Principles of Law and Finance (forthcoming Edward Elgar 2026). Dr De Pascalis has presented his research and delivered workshops/masterclasses in the UK and abroad (inter alia Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium). He is member of the editorial board of top academic journal such as Law and Financial Markets Review (Taylor and Francis). His research ahs been published in established academic journals such as the International and Comparative Corporate Law Journal, European Business Law Review, Capital Markets Law Journal, European Journal of Law Reforms, Business Law Review, King's Law Journal, and in edited collections. He served three years (2019-2021) as co-convener of the UK Society of Legal Scholars (SLS) Banking and Financial Services Law Section. He is also Fellow of the Society of Advanced Legal Studies, Fellow of the European Law Institute, and Honorary Fellow of the Asian Institute of International Financial Law (AIIFL) University of Hong Kong. Dr De Pascalis is member of the Centre for AI: Social and Digital Innovation (Brunel University), the Research Centre for Law, Economics and Finance (Brunel University) and of the Research Network on Sustainable Finance (University of Zurich). At Brunel Law School he teaches the following courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels: Banking Law, Theory of International Financial Regulation (module leader), Practice of International Financial Regulation, Banking and Technology Law). Qualifications: Fellow of Higher Education Academy PHD, IALS University of London LLM in Banking and Finance Law, Queen Mary university of London Master's degree in Advanced Studies of EU and Transnational Law, University of Trento (Italy) LLB, University of Parma (Italy) Registered lawyer (Verona Bar Association) Francesco's research interests are in the areas of Banking and Finance. He is author of the book Credit Ratings and Market Over-reliance: An International Legal Analysis (Brill-Nijhoff 2017) as well as a range of articles in leading academic journals. Banking Law EU Law Theory of International Financial Regulation Practice of International Financial Regulation Banking and Tech Law
Dr Sven Fischer Dr Sven Fischer
Lecturer in Economics
2018/19 EC3601 Introduction to Behavioural Economics and Finance
Professor Jurgita Malinauskaite Professor Jurgita Malinauskaite
Divisional Lead / Professor
I am a professor at Brunel Law School (BLS) working for the University since January 2008. Before committing myself to academia, I served as a competition lawyer at the Competition Council of Lithuania. I am also a Divisional Lead for Private and Commercial Law. Previously, I was the Athena Swan Lead for BLS; I successfully led our department to achieve an Athena Swan Bronze Award, becoming the first non-STEMM BUL department to receive this award. I was also the Associate Dean for Equality and Diversity (CBASS) 2015-2018. My research expertise lies in competition law, energy law, and waste law. I am the author of numerous journal articles as well as two monographs: Merger Control in Post-Communist Countries, Routledge, 2010; and Harmonisation of EU Competition Law Enforcement, Springer, 2019. My current focus is on interdisciplinary research. I am also a Co-I of three Horizon 2020 projects: i) ETEKINA (heat pipE TECHnologies for INdustrial Applications, further information on: 2017-2021; ii) InComEss (Innovative Polymer-Based Composite Systems for High-Efficient Energy Scavenging and Storage) 2020-2023; and iii) iWAYS (Innovative WAter recoverY Solutions through recycling of heat, materials and water across multiple sectors); The project - iWays. Competition Law Comparative Competition Law PhD Research Methods
Dr Pamela Nika Dr Pamela Nika
Senior Lecturer in Corporate Finance Law
Pamela Nika is a Lecturer in corporate and finance law at Brunel University. She has recently obtained her PhD from the University of Reading. Her thesis titled ‘ECB Monetary Policy and Supervisory Powers: Competing Objectives and Policy Conflicts,’ critically assessed the role of European Central Bank in light of banking union and the centralisation of banking supervision at European Union level. Pamela also holds an LLM in International Commercial Law, with specialisation in Banking and Finance from City University London and a BA in Law from the University of Athens. Prior to joining Brunel, Pamela worked for the University of Reading and the University of Essex Online, where she has contributed in a number of LLM Modules. Pamela was also admitted to Athens Bar Association and practised law in areas such as commercial law, banking law and international transactions. banking law, financial regulation, fintech, digital currencies Teaching Banking Law Theory of Financial Regulation Practice of Financial Regulation
Dr Matteo Pazzona Dr Matteo Pazzona
Senior Lecturer in Economics
Personal Website: Economics of Crime, Economics of Conflict, Labor Economics, Political Economy and Economic History.
Professor Arad Reisberg Professor Arad Reisberg
Head of Department - Law
Arad Reisberg joined Brunel in May 2016 as Head of the Brunel Law School and Professor of Corporate Law and Finance. Previously, Arad was a Reader in Corporate and Financial Law at UCL Faculty of Laws (2009-2016), and a Lecturer in Law (2006-2009). Arad acted as Director, UCL Centre for Commercial Law (2007-2016). Between 2009-2012 Arad was UCL Laws, Vice Dean (Research). Arad was formerly a Senior Arts Scholar (2001-2003) and a Tutor at Pembroke College Oxford, where he taught law at 6 colleges at Oxford University between 2001-2005. He has also been a Visiting Lecturer at Oxford University (2005), a Lecturer at Warwick Law School (2005-2006). Arad also was a Visiting Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School (teaching during Fall Tern 2012), a Visiting Scholar and the First Fellow at the Centre for Business Law, National University of Singapore (NUS) during March 2013 and a Visiting Professor of Law at NUS (teaching for the Faculty during August 2014). He is the recipient of numerous academic scholarships and awards and has written widely on shareholder remedies and directors’ duties. Arad is the author of Derivative Actions and Corporate Governance (Oxford University Press, 2007), the first book to provide a detailed and theoretical explanation of the law governing derivative actions ands sits on the Editorial Boards of the Journal International Corporate Rescue and the Journal of Corporate Ownership and Control, and is a contributing author to Annotated Companies Legislation (Oxford University Press). Arad is currently the Consultant Editor, Halsbury’s Laws of England (Companies Title). Arad is currently a Member, ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Scoping Forum at the Financial Markets Law Committeee (FMLC), Bank Of England. Between July 2016 to June 2021 Arad acted as a Member , Financial Markets Law Committee Advisory Group at the Bank of England on Brexit and since 2014 an Invited Member, Radar Programme, Bank of England.
Professor James Steeley Professor James Steeley
Head of Department / Professor - Finance
I joined Brunel University Department of Economics and Finance in March 2020 as Professor of Finance. Prior to this I was Professor of Finance at Keele University. Before that I was the Lloyds Bank Chair and Professor of Finance at Aston Business School and before that I was Professor of Finance at the University of Stirling. Earlier in my career, I held academic positions at Cardiff Business School and Keele University. During the mid- 1990s I worked for the Bank of England, where I managed a research team developing techniques to interpret financial market prices for use in monetary policy advice, and techniques to improve the pricing of UK government debt issues. I have spent prolonged periods of time as a visitor to many other universities, including the Financial Markets Group at the London School of Economics, the Isaac Newton Institute of Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge University, the Technical University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic, Washington University in St. Louis, Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Kent State University in Ohio and the University of Central Florida in Orlando. My research has been published in leading academic journals in Finance and Economics, including the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, the Journal of Banking and Finance and the Journal of International Money and Finance. I have made presentations of my research at leading international conferences including the American Finance Association and the Royal Economic Society. My research has won awards from the Chicago Board of Trade and INQUIRE Europe, and been funded by the Leverhulme Trust. I am on the advisory editorial board of the academic journal Studies in Economics and Finance and on the editorial board of the International Journal of Behavioural Accounting and Finance. I am an academic affiliated member of the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments and was on the founding editorial board of their research journal. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Among my former students I can count a professor of finance, a professor of economics and the successor to Michael Flatley in Riverdance. My research is broadly in the areas of financial markets and investments. I have a long standing interest in the estimation and modelling of the interest rates implicit in UK government bonds prices, and in the modelling of the effects of exogenous and endogenous changes in the microstructure of this market. This work began with my PhD thesis that studied the 1986 “Big Bang” deregulation of UK financial markets (including the government bond market) and continues with my current work examining the effects of quantitative easing on the UK bond market and other financial markets. Aside from the focus on bond markets, I have also undertaken research on each of equity, futures and options markets, with a particular emphasis on the dynamic properties of the market prices and the information revealed by these dynamics. In recent years, my research in the area of market microstructure has grown in scope, looking at information aggregation, the measurement and pricing of liquidity and the effects of investor behaviours. I welcome PhD student applications from highly qualified Masters level graduates who have interests in my current areas of research interest (the UK bond market or empirical market microstructure). AF3603 Financial Management (Term 2)
Dr Elena Zaccaria Dr Elena Zaccaria
Senior Lecturer in Corporate and Commercial Law
Elena Christine Zaccaria is a lecturer in corporate, financial and commercial law at Brunel University London. Prior to joining Brunel, she worked as a guest lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). She holds degrees from the LSE (PhD 2015); the University of Macerata, Italy (PhD 2007), the University of Queensland, Australia (LLM 2013) and the University of Bari, Italy (LLB 2001). Elena has also worked in private practice (both in Italy and the United Kingdom) and as a research analyst for the UK Representative Office of Banca d'Italia (the Italian Central Bank), gaining practical exposure to areas of financial regulation, capital markets, corporate law and restructuring. Qualifications: PhD, London School of Economics and Political Science - LSE (United Kingdom) PhD, University of Macerata (Italy) LLM, University of Queensland (Australia) LLB, University of Bari (Italy) Admitted as solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales in September 2009 Admitted to the Italian Bar (Ordine degli Avvocati) Bari, Italy in December 2004 Elena's research interests are in the area of commercial law, financial law and regulation of financial markets. Her current research projects include studies on financial collateral arrangements and legal risks in the international financial markets. Company Law Corporate Law I Corporate Law II Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
Mr Gerard Conway Mr Gerard Conway
Senior Lecturer & Professional Liaison Tutor
I have taught law at Brunel since 2007. From 2007-2010, I held a Lectureship in Public Law at Brunel sponsored by the City Solicitors' Educational Trust. My PhD research, which I commenced at Queen's University Belfast and completed at Brunel University, was supported by a fees scholarship from the Department of Education & Learning of Northern Ireland (2005-2008) and by a Modern Law Review Doctoral Scholarship (2006-2008). During 2005-2006, I worked as one of a group of researchers under Prof. Tom Hadden of the School of Law of Queen’s University Belfast on a research contract with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, on the topic of minority representation in the criminal justice sector. Research based on work for my Master’s degree was published in a number of journals, including the European Journal of International Law and the International Criminal Law Review. I worked as a lecturer in law at Leeds Metropolitan University (now Leeds Beckett University) from 2006-2007 and was a tutor in law in Jurisprudence at Queen's University Belfast in 2005-2006. I have also been a visiting lecturer in international law on the LL.M programme at the University of Buckingham in 2009-2010 and an associate lecturer at Greenwich School of Management from 2013-2018. Prior to becoming an academic, I worked for almost three years as a legal research officer in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions of Ireland (2002-2005); as a judicial researcher to the judges of the Ciruit, High and Supreme Courts of Ireland in the Judges' Library in Ireland (2001-2002 for seven months); and as a legal trainee in Legal Division of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs (for six months in 2001-2002). The role and legal reasoning of the European Court of Justice Legal reasoning of international courts The relationship between the European Union and the Council of Europe Governance of migration in Europe Comparative criminal law and justice, especially the role of prosecutors Jurisprudence; Land Law; Public Law; European Union Law; Comparative Criminal Justice Student Support Director of the CPE/GDL Professional Liaison Representive
Dr Lisa Mardikian Dr Lisa Mardikian
Senior Lecturer in Property Law
Lisa joined Brunel Law School as Lecturer in June 2019. Prior to coming to Brunel, she was Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth and Teaching Assistant at the University of Bristol. Her research interests lie on economic rights under international and European Union law and on the role that law plays in structuring economic relations. Her work focuses on the intersection of global governance, European integration and international law. Lisa obtained her PhD without corrections on 'Transformations in the Law of Economic Self-determination: a Global Governance Perspective' from the University of Bristol. Her research examined how major changes in international law and forms of transnational economic activity have had an impact on the content and function of economic self-determination following the end of the Cold War. In 2021, Lisa was a visiting research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg. She has been a visiting lecturer at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and Panteion University in Athens. UG Law of Trusts (module convenor) UG Land Law PG International Dispute Settlement
Professor Abimbola Olowofoyeku Professor Abimbola Olowofoyeku
Professor - Law
Abimbola Olowofoyeku joined Brunel University London as Professor of Law in July 2000. He is a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. He has held the following positions: Assistant Legal Adviser, Federal Inland Revenue Department, Lagos (1982-83); Barrister and Solicitor, Chief B Olowofoyeku & Co., Lagos (1983-1984); Lecturer, Liverpool Polytechnic (1987-88); Lecturer, Keele University (1988-95); Visiting Fellow, Centre for International and Public Law, Australian National University (March - August 1995); Senior Lecturer, Keele University (1995-1999); Reader, Keele University (1999-2000); Visiting Fellow, Faculty of Law, Australian National University (July 1999 - January 2000; December 2000 - January 2001); Head of Department, Brunel University Law Department (2002-04); Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (2004); Head of the School of Social Sciences and Law (2004-06); Head of Brunel Law School (2006-09; 2013-2014). Qualifications: LL.B. (Hons), (Lagos); LL.M. (LSE); Ph.D. (UCL); ACTI; Barrister (Nigeria) Judicial Immunities; Judicial Bias/Impartiality; Fair Hearing; Judicial Review; Comparative Constitutionalism; Constitutional Reform; Tax Law Policy and Reform. Public Law Taxation