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Research Degrees

PhD research student applications are welcomed by the HCI Research Group all year round.  Research students are valued members of our thriving, research-intensive team. We are particularly interested in supervising students' research in any of the broad range of topics listed below. Please note that the topic list is not exhaustive, so feel free to contact a member of HCI with your ideas. 

Some candidate PhD topics that group members are interested in supervising in the future may include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital Financial Services
  • Mobile Money/ Currencies
  • Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Interactions
  • Video Production
  • Family and Domestic Technologies
  • In-vehicle Interactions

See below a list of available PhD projects in Computer Science that includes projects in our area:

Swarm of multiple co-operative and autonomous low-cost robots for search and rescue
Search and rescue (SAR) services work with extreme caution in a disaster scene as unstable rubble are dangerous for the potential survivors and the rescue workers. To reduce the risk SAR robots have b...
Self Funded
Design and Development of a Capsule Robot for Medical Applications
A capsule robot has potential applications in medical diagnosis (e.g. capsule endoscopy) and treatments. In 2000, Given Imaging introduced the capsule endoscope which has many advantages over traditio...
Self Funded
Deep learning-based autonomous diagnosis of gastrointestinal tract cancers
Gastrointestinal (GI) tract cancer is the leading cause of all cancer deaths. Deep learning-based diagnosis of GI tract diseases has the potential to revolutionise diagnostic speed, accuracy, and cost...
Self Funded
Natural Language Processing for Public Health Surveillance
The sale of sugary products is still strong, despite the recommendations to reduce their consumption. When children consume too much sugar, they can suffer from obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovasc...
Self Funded
Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing Based FinTech prediction
Financial markets including stocks and forex constantly fluctuate. Apart from individual company performances, various external factors such as human psychology of the masses, local and international ...
Self Funded
Using Machine Learning to Simulate Macroscopic phenomena for Fluid Dynamics
Macroscopic dynamic phenomena involving free and solid boundaries exist both in nature and industrial environments and are often associated with incidents of potentially high industrial impact. Such d...
Self Funded
Developing computational models to understand the evolution of bidirectional catalysts in biology
Proteins are complex biological macromolecules coordinating a plethora of biological functions in the cell. Some proteins, i.e. enzymes, catalyse biological reactions. While some of these reactions ar...
Self Funded
Real-time Visual and Haptic Feedback of Grasping Movements in Virtual Reality
The project we propose is multidisciplinary, combining research into 3D graphics, physics, AI, and virtual reality techniques from computer science with new advances in brain mechanisms underlying per...
Self Funded
Explaining model decisions through dialogue
As Machine Learning and AI models underpin many of the recommendation/decision tools used to in day-to-day life these need to be transparent and explainable. The aim of this research is to explore, de...
Self Funded
Natural Language Processing for Business Intelligence
For over a decade, the Intelligent Data Analysis Research Group has been working in an extensive area of artificial intelligence and data science. Recent projects include medical imaging, bioimaging, ...
Self Funded