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PhD topics for research students

Find below a list of currently available self-funded PhD topics.

We encourage all students to contact the supervisor or the alternative contact person for more information and an informal chat to discuss the process of applying and preparing your research statement. For more information on how to apply click here.

Developing a clinical tool to quantitatively assess and monitor upper limb and shoulder function in clinical and home settings
Upper limb and shoulder disorders are poorly defined, diagnosed and rehabilitated. Current management of these disorders is focussed on the prescription of physiotherapeutic treatments, yet the effica...
Self Funded
Investigating the requisites of increasing the reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment in the UK
Waste minimisation is key to implementing the circular economy. Circular economy is a concept that promotes the efficient use of resources, by retaining them in the economy for as long as possible, th...
Self Funded
Disrupting the regulatory mechanisms that allow hospital acquired infections to resist antibiotic therapy.
The discovery of penicillin over 90 years ago and its subsequent uptake by healthcare systems around the world revolutionised global health and wellbeing. It marked the beginning of a golden age in an...
Self Funded
Role of CDCA/PP1 in Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC)
Estrogen, progesterone, and HER2 receptor-negative (triple-negative breast cancers TNBC) encompass the most clinically challenging subtype for which targeted therapeutics are lacking.  To identify cri...
Self Funded
Are retinoid-like chemicals prevalent in the environment and do they pose an ecotoxicological risk?
Retinoids have a significant role in many vital biological processes such as regulation of skin function and neuronal development.  There are over 2,500 retinoid related compounds used in cosmetic pro...
Self Funded
Uncovering the challenges and trade-offs of closing the plastic packaging loop
In the UK, the plastics industry places approximately 5 million tonnes of plastics onto the UK market each year, of which approximately 2.2 million tonnes is packaging. Most of the plastic packaging w...
Self Funded
Reliable hydrological prediction under climate change
Climate change due to anthropogenic activity are causing amounts of effect on our planet. One of the major concerns are related to the changes of water resources in future. This project would aim to p...
Self Funded
Advanced Computer Aided Design Modelling – Developing Intelligent Surfaces and Textures from 4D Printing
4D Printing has been recognised to herald the next generation of Additive Manufacturing components that are intelligent to perform a series of controlled and programmed shape-deformation over time whe...
Self Funded
Advanced regression analysis or model for Wellbeing
Wellbeing is taking centre stage in policy-making and the measurement of national success. Analysing wellbeing involves in challenges due to its measurement variety and choice as well somehow difficul...
Self Funded
The Kardashians, race, whiteness and appropriation.
This sociological and/or cultural studies project will examine questions around race, appropriation, 'mixed-race', popular culture, reality television, social media, and imagery. By focusing on the Ka...
Self Funded