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PhD topics for research students

Find below a list of currently available self-funded PhD topics.

We encourage all students to contact the supervisor or the alternative contact person for more information and an informal chat to discuss the process of applying and preparing your research statement. For more information on how to apply click here.

Markers of Expertise in Sport and Physical Activity: Triangulated Approaches
The aim of this project is to adopt a mixed methods approach to determine the various factors – innate, learnt, and environmental – that ultimately contribute to skill acquisition and/or expertise wit...
Self Funded
Risk analysis based on extreme regression
Extremes may give rise to bigger severity of occurrences than ordinary risks and then turn notably complex. Management of extreme events often faces challenges in the practice of problem solving and d...
Self Funded
Neuromorphic-computing models and its applications
Neuromorphic-computing models are the ones that can simulate human brains architecture and connections. It is composed of large numbers of neurons and nonlinear connections. The developed deep neural ...
Self Funded
Investigating methods and applications of citation context analysis
Traditionally, scientometric/text-mining approaches have treated the content of scientific articles and their citations as distinct units of analysis. The term “citation context” refers to an approach...
Self Funded
Principles of Design for 4D Printing (Df4DP)
The next generation of Additive Manufacturing technologies will utilise the combination of different smart materials with Computer-Aided Design to produce multi-functional structures. The aim of this ...
Self Funded
Telomere length elongation following treatment with chemotherapeutic drugs.
Aim:  To investigate the mechanisms which leads to telomere length elongation after treatment with tricostatin A and azacytidine. Telomeres are specialised structures, which are present at the ends of...
Self Funded
Egr2 and 3 mediated T cell tolerance in cancer and their impact in immune checkpoint therapy
Tumour infiltrated lymphocytes (TILs) contain tumour reactive T cells and have been used as adoptive cell transfer therapy in patients which can mediate cancer regression. However, without in vitro ma...
Self Funded
High-Performance Compressed Straw Board (HPCSB): A New Generation of Building Materials
This project aims to introduce a greatly improved, lightweight variant of Compressed Straw Board (CSB) for the construction industry, strong enough to accommodate structural loads both in tension and ...
Self Funded
Developing a clinical tool to quantitatively assess and monitor upper limb and shoulder function in clinical and home settings
Upper limb and shoulder disorders are poorly defined, diagnosed and rehabilitated. Current management of these disorders is focussed on the prescription of physiotherapeutic treatments, yet the effica...
Self Funded
The effect on genome behaviour of growing cells in 3D matricies
There has been a small amount of evidence in the literature that growing cells in 3D scaffolds instead of 2D monolayers alters genome behaviour and organisation such that nuclear structure is altered ...
Self Funded