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PhD topics for research students

Find below a list of currently available self-funded PhD topics.

We encourage all students to contact the supervisor or the alternative contact person for more information and an informal chat to discuss the process of applying and preparing your research statement. For more information on how to apply click here.

Understanding effects and mechanisms of anti-depressant drug pollution on molluscs
Pharmaceuticals, persisting in the environment are becoming a growing concern for wildlife health.  Antidepressants act by modulating the action of neurotransmitters such as serotonin. Because many bi...
Self Funded
Design Guidelines for Musemedia – multiple sensorial media
Mulsemedia - multiple sensorial media - makes possible the inclusion of layered sensory stimulation and interaction through multiple sensory channels. The recent upsurge in technology and wearables pr...
Self Funded
Artificial intelligence technology development for medical applications
In this project, advanced deep learning algorithms will be developed for medical data (e.g. biomedical signals, images, sound, touch, pressure, etc.). The sensors will be studied, signal processing me...
Self Funded
Deep Learning for Video Compression
This project will firstly examine and analyse deep learning techniques particularly in the context of their applicability to ultra high resolution (4K/8K) image/video compression. The project will loo...
Self Funded
Experimental and numerical characterisation and modelling of viscoelastic/viscoplastic crack growth in adhesive joints
Adhesive bonding is a widely used technique in the aerospace and automotive industry, whose advantages with respect to more conventional connections of structural components include the great reductio...
Self Funded
Differential expression patterns associated with the development of systemic sclerosis
Systemic sclerosis is a chronic autoimmune rheumatic disease, characterised by excessive scarring and fibrosis which causes thickening and tightening of the connective tissues of the skin and damage t...
Self Funded
The gendered experience of body image in physical activity spaces
There is a growing concern over young people’s body image and the detrimental impact that a negative body image can have on well-being, including physical activity participation. Although there is a t...
Self Funded
Use of inertial sensors for fall prediction in older people
Falls in older people are a common cause of morbidity, mortality and loss of function. The physiological changes to the motor and sensory functions caused by ageing combined with the presence of other...
Self Funded
Weibull analysis and extreme regression for small and big data
Weibull analysis is the popular method to make predictions about the life of all products in the population by fitting a statistical distribution to life data from a representative sample of units. We...
Self Funded
The functional neuroanatomical correlates of multitasking
Multitasking refers to doing two tasks at the same time, which usually results in severe performance decrements. In our research we aim to find out why these performance decrements occur and how they ...
Self Funded