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Postgraduate scholarships and studentships

In 2019/20 Brunel will be offering over 400 scholarships to Home and International Students.

Our 2019/20 postgraduate scholarship package is outlined below. Meeting the eligibility criteria does not equate to an entitlement to a scholarship.




Number available in 2019/20


Application process 

Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship

All those that meet the eligibility criteria

15% tuition fee discount, plus additional 15% if a Brunel Graduate

No application is required. Brunel will automatically assess your eligibility in the summer.

PGCE Access Scholarship



No application is required. Brunel will automatically assess your eligibility in the summer.

Postgraduate Care Leaver Bursary


£5,000 cash or fee waiver

The Postgraduate Care Leaver Bursary is now open for applications for 2019 entry.

International Excellence Scholarship 2019 - entry


£6,000 tuition fee waiver for year 1

The International Excellence Scholarship is now open for 2019 applicants.

There are 130 awards available of up to £6,000 tuition fee waiver as part of the International Excellence Scholarship for September 2019 entry. The scholarship contributes to the tuition fee payment for the first year of studies for Postgraduates and is a £6,000 per year award for Undergraduates. Register your interest to be considered.

Phase 1: Apply by 30th April 2019 to be considered for an early award.

Phase 2: Apply by 31st July 2019 to be considered for a later award

Santander International Scholarship


£3,000 tuition fee waiver for year 1.

The Santander Scholarship for 2019 is not open yet.


MBA Scholarship (full-time)

30 in total.

£6,500 tuition fee waiver

The MBA Scholarship is now open for applications for September 2019 entry.

The deadline for applications is midnight on 4 September 2019, apply here to be considered.

MBA Scholarship (part-time)

20 in total.

£9,000 tuition fee waiver for the private sector and £11,000 tuition fee waiver for applicants from the public sector.

The MBA Scholarship is now open for applications for September 2019 entry.

The deadline for applications is midnight on 4 September 2019, apply here to be considered.

NSIRC Scholarship for

- MSc Oil and Gas Engineering 
- MSc Structural Integrity (Asset Reliability Management)

Dependent upon number of eligible applications and scholarship fund available.

£12,500 for Overseas applicants and £6,750 for UK/EU applicants.

The NSIRC Scholarship is open for September 2019 entry. 

Applicants should apply for the programme in the usual way through the course web page and then express their interest to be considered for a scholarship by emailing the Programme Course Director, for further details please refer to the terms and conditions.

PhD Studentships

NSIRC PhD Studentships in Structural Integrity


A stipend of £16,000 per year and tuition fees. Overseas applicants are welcome to apply, with total funding capped at £24,000 per year.

Application. More information can be found here.

BCAST Liquid Metal Engineering PhD Studentships



Application. More information can be found here.

Funded Research Degree Opportunities

Please note that award numbers and amounts vary each year and in each College. 


Application. More information can be found here.

Other sources of funding and discounts

Brunel Graduate Discount

We have always offered a reduction in PG tuition fees for our alumni. Our students who take up postgraduate education could be eligible to receive 15% graduate discount. A Brunel alumnus who has a first class undergraduate degree can receive both fee reductions – Academic Excellence and Graduate discounts – a total of approx. 27.5% of the tuition fee.

The Graduate Discount will not apply if you receive the Brunel International scholarship, Brunel Santander International Scholarship or Brunel International Regional Scholarships. Please refer to the individual scholarship terms and conditions for further information.

For further information regarding eligibility please contact the scholarships@brunel.ac.uk

Family Discount

Applicants who have a direct family (spouse, parent, child or sibling) connection to alumni of Brunel are eligible to receive a discount of 10% off the tuition fees for every year of the course. Full terms and conditions can be found here. In order to be considered for the discount, the online application form will need to be completed.

Prompt payment discount

All students who are responsible for paying their own course fees in full, and who pay the full amount of fees due at or before their scheduled date of registration, may receive a prompt payment discount of 2% on the net course fee i.e after the application of any other discounts to which they may be entitled. Further details can be found in the Student Financial Policy.

International Scholarships

Brunel offer a number of International Scholarships designed to promote talent and encourage excellence in scholars coming to Brunel from around the globe. Partial scholarships are available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students who have been offered a place on a full-time course with us. Please refer to the International scholarship web pages for more details.

Doctoral research studentships

Research studentships may be available across the full range of our research activity. A studentships provides funding for your course fees (like a scholarship) and a stipend for you living expenses set by the Research Councils. Please note that award numbers and amounts vary each year and in each College. Check the Research Degree funding web page for details and eligibility information.

Funding for extra-curricular activities

Some funding opportunities exist for those students undertaking certain extra-curricular activities. These awards do not cover living costs or tuition fees, but are available to both taught and research students.

Sports Scholarship Programme

We have a history of supporting talented sportsmen and sportswomen that dates back to the 1960s. The Sports Scholarship Programme is more than just financial assistance; it is designed to the particular needs of athletes with outstanding sporting ability in higher education. For further details please visit our Sports scholarships page.

Music Awards

We offer a number of Music Awards each year. Awards enable you to continue your musical development whilst you are at University by covering all or part of the cost of individual professional vocal or instrumental tuition during your time at Brunel. Music award holders will receive up to ten hours of individual music tuition covered per year. For further information, visit the Music awards page.

External funding

The Kennedy Memorial Trust offers scholarships for British graduates wanting to study at Harvard University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The award offers full tuition fees, health insurance, a means tested tax free stipend of up to $26,000, contribution towards flights and more. For more information and to apply online visit www.kennedytrust.org.uk.

COLFUTURO scholarship (Only eligible for Columbian applicants)

Two tuition fee discounts of 50% for two Masters or PhD students for a maximum of three years. Plus 15% discount on tuition for all eligible COLFUTURO beneficiaries for a period of one year for Masters programmes and three years for PhD. For more information refer to the COLFUTURO website. Please click here.


Updated on 13 March 2019.