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PGCE Access Scholarship: Terms and Conditions 2017/18

This Scholarship is only available to full-time students undertaking a PGCE in either Primary or Secondary education, and will only be awarded once for the duration of the course.

The scholarship is a £2,500 fee waiver.

Up to 20 scholarships will be allocated in mid-August to those who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must have firmly accepted an unconditional offer on a full time PGCE in Education course.
  • Must be ordinarily resident in England (i.e. excludes those living in Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland or UK Overseas Territories, etc)
  • Must meet at least one of the following under-represented criteria, ranked in the following order:
  1. From a low participation neighbourhood
  2. Aged 25 or over
  3. Disability (including dyslexia)

Where more applicants meet the criteria than there are scholarships available, the number of points scored from the under-represented criteria met will be taken into consideration. See section 4 for details of points allocated to each under-represented criterion.

1.  Eligibility

a. Those not eligible for this Scholarship

  • Students who pay overseas or Island fees.
  • Students who have made Brunel their Firm choice in Clearing or Adjustment.

b. Eligibility Definitions


Those who declare a disability on their UCAS application and this has been verified by the University.


Those who are at least 21 years of age at the start of their course, except PGCE where mature applicants must be at least 25

Low participation neighbourhoods

Postcodes classified as ‘1’ by HESA – “those wards with the lowest participation”. For further information, see the HESA website www.hesa.ac.uk

c. Proof of Eligibility

  • Data will be collected from the UCAS/UTT application forms for information on disability, age and low participation neighbourhoods.
  • Evidence of Disabled Students Allowance will be required before any payment can be made to those awarded a scholarship on the basis of disability.

2.  Allocation 

2.1 Eligibility criteria are reviewed annually. 

2.2 Scholarships are awarded to those who meet the eligibility criteria at the time of allocation. 

2.3 Students are considered for scholarships using the information provided at the time of their application only and cannot be considered should their circumstances change during the course of their studies. Scholarships cannot be backdated.

2.4 The PGCE Access scholarship will be awarded in August, following receipt of GCSE, A Level and degree results. All successful students will be informed by email shortly thereafter. 

2.5 Deferred applicants will be considered for a scholarship in the year they start their course and not in the year of their course application. 

2.6 The decision of the allocation panel is final. The University will not accept any appeals in respect of the decisions made by the Panel.

3.  Payment

The tuition fee will be reduced by £2,500.

Where a student has applied for a tuition fee loan from the Student Loan Company, they will be notified of the tuition fee waiver(s) in September.

3.1   Condition of Fee Waiver Application

  • Fee waiver will only be applied providing the student is enrolled at the University on a PGCE course.

4.  General Terms and Conditions

Weightings given to each of the under-represented criteria are as follows: 

Low participation neighbourhoods


Mature (Undergraduate - over 21)


Mature (PGCE Access – over 25)


Low income


Local school




Low socio economic group


Parents with no HE qualification


5.  Withdrawal of a Scholarship/Bursary

5.1 The University reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship/bursary from anyone who is found to have misled the University about any aspect of their eligibility and to seek repayment of any monies already paid by appropriate means.

5.2 If a student changes to a different programme or to a different mode of study, e.g. to a course which is not a PGCE or to a part time course, their eligibility for a scholarship will be reviewed and the scholarship/bursary may be withdrawn.  

5.3 Fee waivers applied at the start of an academic year as part/all of a scholarship/bursary entitlement will not be amended once the fee waiver has been processed. Any tuition fee liability remaining after fee waivers are applied would therefore be calculated in accordance with Student Financial Policy.

5.4 Periods of temporary withdrawal that result in repeat or extended periods of study are not supported by additional scholarship/bursary payments. Scholarship/bursary entitlement is for the maximum duration of each award and entitlement is not extended if overall course duration alters.

5.5 Should a student be suspended for any reason, scholarship/bursary payments would be withdrawn and consideration of reinstatement will be dependent on the disciplinary outcome.

Any queries relating to these terms and conditions should be addressed to the Admissions Office by emailing: scholarships@brunel.ac.uk

Updated 15 May 2017.