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Undergraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship Terms and Conditions 2018/19

1. Award details

The Undergraduate Academic Excellence scholarship is available to Home, EU and Channel Island/Isle of Man fee paying students beginning full-time undergraduate courses at Brunel University London.

Value: £6,000 cash payment or fee waiver each year for a maximum of three years. The Scholarship will only be paid once for each eligible level of study, subject to normal progression criteria having been met (additional payments will not be made during a repeating year, regardless of the reason for repetition).

How many: 30 scholarships available

How to apply: Applicants must have submitted a scholarship application via the ‘My Checklist’ section in the student portal eVision, by midnight, 11 March 2018. Please note that applications are now closed for this scholarship for 2018 entry.

Awarding: Awards will be provisionally allocated in March to those applicants who submit a completed scholarship application form by the deadline given, who meet the eligibility criteria outlined below, and who are selected by the Scholarship Allocation panel based on predicted grades and a personal statement.

Provisional awards are reviewed on a monthly basis. If an applicant selects Brunel as their Insurance choice they will lose the scholarship award. Allocation will then be reviewed and awards made using a reserve list of successful applicants pre-selected by the College Allocation Panels.

Formal awards will then be confirmed by the Allocation Panel in early September, following receipt of examination results, to those provisional award holders who meet the required grades.

2.  Eligibility

The scholarship will be awarded to those applicants who meet all the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must hold an offer of a place on a full time Undergraduate course (including placement routes). This includes offers made through UCAS Clearing and Adjustment.
  • Offer must be for level 1 (year 1) or level 0 (foundation year) of the course. Foundation students will be considered eligible, but if awarded, scholarship payments will not begin until the student progresses to level 1 (year 1). This means no payments will be made during level 0 (foundation year).
  • Must commence the course in the upcoming academic year (applicants for deferred entry will be considered for a      scholarship in the year they start their course and not in the year of their course application). 
  • Must be classed as Home, European or Home Channel Islands/Isle of Man for fees purposes.
  • Must submit a completed scholarship application by 11 March 2018.
  • Must achieve one of the following qualifications/grades*:
    • 3 A-Levels with grades AAA or above
    • Equivalent of A-Level grades AAA from a recognised EU qualification, see appendix 1 of these terms and conditions for details.
    • BTEC Extended Diploma or BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma with grades D*D*D*
    • International Baccalaureate Diploma with 34 points or above
    • 3 Scottish Advanced Highers with grades AAA or above
    • Higher Irish Leaving Certificate from 5 subjects with grades H2, H2, H2, H2, H3 (or AAAAB from the pre-2017 grading system) or above.

*UCAS tariff equivalencies or combinations of qualifications will not be accepted

Predicted grades will be assessed at the time of scholarship allocation. 

Scholarships will be awarded based on results received at the University at the time of allocation.  Late or amended results cannot normally be considered.

Scholarship holders may be expected to represent Brunel as ambassadors throughout their time at the University and to participate occasionally in various activities to help promote the University. This might include hosting tours of the campus and its facilities, providing administrative support at Open Days, participating in social media and other marketing activity as required. Scholarship winners will be contacted by the Marketing and Student Recruitment team as and when participation is required.

Those not eligible for this scholarship:

  • Applicants classed as Overseas for fees purposes or with an unresolved fee status.
  • Applicants entering a course at level 2 or level 3 will not be considered for any scholarship or bursary.
  • Applicants entering a course with London Brunel International College (LBIC), or who are progressing to a Brunel course from an LBIC course.
  • Applicants entering a course with the Brunel Language Centre.
  • Applicants who will not commence their course in the upcoming academic year - applicants holding offers for deferred entry will be considered for a scholarship in the year they start their course and not in the year of their course application. 

Eligibility Definitions

Level of study

Level 0 = Foundation year

Level 1 = Year 1

Level 2 = Year 2 (or Year 3 of a sandwich   course)

Level 3 = Year 3 (or Year 4 of a sandwich   course)

3.  Allocation 

3.1 Eligibility criteria are reviewed annually. 

3.2 Applicants are considered for scholarships using the information provided at the time of their application only and cannot be reconsidered should their circumstances change during the course of their studies. Scholarships cannot be backdated.

3.3 Scholarships will be awarded conditionally in March, successful applicants will be contacted by email. They will then be formally awarded in early September following receipt of examination results, and successful recipients will be informed by email.

3.4 Formal awards will then be confirmed by the Allocation Panel in early September, following receipt of examination results, to those provisional award holders who meet the required grades.

3.5 All successful students will be informed of their award by email shortly after allocation

3.6 Scholarships will be allocated conditionally to those applicants who submit a completed application by the deadline specified, who meet the eligibility criteria contained in this document and who are selected by the College scholarship awarding panels as being the strongest applicants, as demonstrated through their predicted grades and their scholarship and UCAS applications.

3.7 Only one scholarship/bursary can be paid to any one student in any one year with the exception of the Care Leaver Bursary.

3.8 If an applicant is eligible for more than one scholarship/bursary, they will be awarded the one which will be the most financially beneficial across the full course duration.

3.9 Scholarships are awarded for the current academic year only and cannot be deferred. Applicants who choose to defer their studies will forfeit any awards they have been made but will be considered anew for a scholarship in the year they will begin their studies. 

3.10 The decision of the allocation panel is final. The University will not accept any appeals in respect of the decisions made by the Panel.

4.  Payment

4.1 The applicants awarded this scholarship can elect from the following two payment options:

(a) £6000 cash payment - paid in three instalments in each year of a full time course up to a maximum of three years (or for three years of a sandwich course/integrated Masters course), subject to meeting annual progression criteria. 

(b) £6,000 tuition fee waiver - the tuition fee will be reduced by £6,000 for each year of a full time course, up to a maximum of three years (or for three years of a sandwich course/integrated Masters course), subject to meeting annual progression criteria.

4.2 This scholarship is not payable in the Masters year of an integrated Masters degree programme.

4.3 Scholarship awardees receiving tuition fee waivers will be responsible for paying the remainder of their tuition fees after the scholarship contribution is deducted from the total fees for the academic year.

4.4 Where a student receiving a tuition fee waiver has applied for a tuition fee loan from the Student Loan Company (SLC), the SLC will be notified of the tuition fee waiver(s) in September.

4.5 Successfully awarded students will be sent a scholarship payment selection task via eVision in early September each year. Students must confirm their payment selection by no later than the first day of Term 1. Students who do not return the completed payment selection task by the first day of Term 1 will automatically be given the fee waiver option. Students will be asked to supply relevant UK bank account details to support receipt of the cash option. Where a student has applied for tuition fee loan, the appropriate Award Authority will be notified of the tuition fee waiver(s) in September.

4.6 Payment dates

For cash scholarship awards, payment will be made as follows:

1st Payment - 14 December 2018

2nd Payment – 1 March 2019

3rd Payment - 14 June 2019

4.7 Conditions of payment or application of fee waiver

  • Payments or fee waivers will only be applied providing the student is enrolled at the University on an undergraduate degree programme at the time of the payment.
  • In order to retain their Undergraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship in subsequent years, students must      evidence their Academic Excellence by maintaining a First Class profile at the end of level 1 and level 2. This profile is based on that which must be achieved in order to obtain a First Class Honours Degree. A student must achieve the requirements set out in Senate Regulation 2 Appendix A.

N.B. Cash payments will be made direct to a UK bank account and therefore students are required to supply accurate bank account details via their eVision account within the requested time.

4.8 Where a scholarship award spans more than one year, students will be written to in September to confirm ongoing eligibility to receive their scholarship award. Students will be requested to complete the scholarship payment selection task by no later than the first day of Term 1 of each year of their course except the placement year.

5.  Withdrawal of a Scholarship

5.1 Misleading information: The University reserves the right to withdraw a scholarship from anyone who is found to have misled the University about any aspect of their eligibility and to seek repayment of any monies already paid by appropriate means.

5.2 Mode of Attendance Change: If a student changes to a different mode of study, their eligibility for a scholarship will be reviewed. The scholarship will be withdrawn if the change is from full time to part time.

5.3 Changing course and starting again at Level 1: Students who commence their studies and subsequently make an alteration that involves starting again at level 1 will not be eligible for scholarship consideration against the new course. The existing award will be placed on hold and reinstated once the student commences level 2, subject to meeting the annual scholarship progression criteria outlined in Section 4. If a student changes course but remains at the same level of study, this will have no impact on the award. Progression criteria as stipulated above will still apply.

5.4 Abeyance/Temporary Withdrawal: A student who takes a period of temporary withdrawal (abeyance) and who is in receipt of a scholarship award would cease to receive scholarship payments whilst temporarily withdrawn. Scholarship payments made prior to temporarily withdrawing will not generally be requested to be repaid and remaining payments would generally be paid once the student returns to complete that level of study.

5.5 Suspension of Study: Should a student be suspended for any reason, scholarship payments would be withdrawn and consideration of reinstatement will be dependent on the disciplinary outcome.

5.6 Repeat/Extended Study: Repeat periods of study, and periods of temporary withdrawal that result in extended periods of study, are not supported by additional scholarship payments. Scholarship entitlement is for the maximum duration of each award and entitlement is not extended if overall course duration alters.

5.7 Withdrawal from Study: A student who withdraws from their programme prior to completion and who is in receipt of a scholarship award will not normally be requested to repay scholarship payments made up to the point of withdrawal; however, entitlement to all future scholarship payments and/or adjustments, cease immediately a student withdraws.

5.8 Amendment of Fee Waivers: Fee waivers applied at the start of an academic year as part/all of a scholarship entitlement will not be amended once the fee waiver has been processed. Any tuition fee liability remaining after fee waivers are applied would therefore be calculated in accordance with Student Financial Policy.

Any queries relating to these terms and conditions should be addressed to the Admissions Office by emailing: scholarships@brunel.ac.uk

Appendix 1

This list of EU countries and equivalent qualifications is accurate as of February 2018 and is subject to change. The list will be updated at the start of every scholarship cycle. If an EU country is not listed, applicants from that country will not be eligible to be considered for the scholarship for the academic year 2018/19. 

GCE AAA country equivalency with the applicants whose country of domicile is in the EU 


Name of Qualification

AAA equivalent grade


Reifesprufung OR Matura from   Allgemeinbildende Höhere Schulen. (Grade A=1 , Grade B=2 , Grade C=3 )

Average grade of 1 (Sehr Gut-Very Good). (Grade A=1 , Grade B=2 , Grade C=3)


Diploma van Hoger Secundair   Onderwijs  OR Certificat d’Enseignement   Secondaire Supérieur

8 out of 10, 80% or 18 out of 20. (Grade A=8, Grade B=7, Grade C=6 OR Grade A=17, Grade B=15, Grade C=14)


Diploma   za Sredno Obrazovanie (Diploma of Completed Secondary Education)

Pass with 5.5 overall  (A = 6; B = 5, C=4)


Svjedodžba o Maturi

Average grade of 5 overall (Grade A=4, Grade B=4, Grade C=3)

Cyprus (South)

Apolytirion of Lykeio

Average of 19 in Apolytirion or 90% from an International Private School.  
  If A Grade in A-Level required: 19 or 90%
  If B Grade in A-Level required: 18 or 85%

Cyprus (North-Turkish   Republic)

Devlet Lise Diplomasi

Average of Grade 9.0 in Devlet Lise Diplomasi with AA at A-level

Czech Republic

Maturitni Zkouska OR Maturita

Average grade of 1 and no less than 2 in all subjects. (Grade A= 1,   Grade B=2, Grade C=3)


Bevis for Højere Forberedelseseksamen (HF) (Higher Preparatory Examination Certificate) OR

Bevis for Højere Handelseksamen (HHX) OR

Bevis for Højere Teknisk Eksamen (HTX) OR

Bevis for Studentereksamen (STX)

Average grade of 12 (Grade A= 12 ,  Grade B= 7, Grade C=4)


European Baccalaureate

80, (A = Grade 8.0, B = Grade 7.5, C = Grade 7)


Gumnaasium Ioputunnistus together   with Riigieksammid (state exams)

Average of Grade 5 from 5 subjects inc Grade 80 or 8 in 3 State Examinations. 

**Since 2014 applicants cannot choose their state exams subjects so we cannot make a subject based offer (as they only take Estonian, Maths and Foreign Language) if making offer to Engineering/Maths applicant you can still specify a grade in Maths. If applicant is taking 3 state exams(or not included on UCAS form) make standard offer. If an applicant is taking 2 state exams and substituting IELTS B1/B2 level this can be counted as their Foreign Language State Exam then make offer on 2 state exams and our standard IELTS grade** 

**If an applicant took this qualification before 2014 they should have the required subjects at A-level within their state exams**


Yliopilastutkinto /  Studentexamen

Average grade of 6. (Grade A=5 , Grade B=5, Grade C=4)


French Baccalaureat

Average 15/20 (Grade A=15, Grade B=13, Grade C=12)

Option International du   Baccalauréat

Average 14/20 (Grade A=14, Grade B=12, Grade C=11)



1.5 (Grade A=13, Grade B=12,   Grade C=10)


Apolytirion of Lykeio
   (Upper Secondary School Leaving   Certificate)

Average of 19 in Apolytirion, if requires specific A-Level subject - Pan Hellenic qualifications required: 
  Grade A = 17
  Grade B = 16
  Grade C = 15


Erettsegi / Matura

Average of Grade 5.0 and Grade 5.0 in 2 Higher (Emelt Szintu) subjects. (Grade A=5, Grade B=4, Grade C=3.5)

IRELAND (Republic of)

Irish leaving   Certificate

New system- H2, H2, H2, H2, H3 (From 5 Irish Higher subjects)
Old System- AAAAB (From 5 Irish Higher subjects)


Esame Di Stato

Average 90%
  (Grade A=9, Grade B=8, Grade C= 7)


Atestats par visparejo videjo   izglitibu

Average Grade 9 and 90% in State Examinations (Grade A=90, Grade B= 80, Grade C=70)


Brandos Atestatas  (Secondary School Leaving Certificate)

Average Grade 9 overall (Grade A=9, Grade B=8 , Grade C= 8)


Diplôme de Fin   d'Etudes Secondaires

52 excellent
  A= Tres bien, B= Tres bien, C= Assez bien


Advanced Matriculation  (OR A levels)

AAA at Matriculation Examination. (Grade A=A, Grade B=B, Grade C=C)


Diploma Voorbereidend   Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs (VWO)

Average Grade 8.0
  (Grade A=8, Grade B=7 , Grade C=6 )


Matura / Swiadectwo Dojrzalosci

80% overall including Two Extended Level subjects  (A=75, Grade B=70 , Grade C=65)


Certificado de fim de   Estudos Secundários (National Exams are called ENEM 'Exames realizados')

18 overall average (Grade A=18, Grade B=17, Grade C=15)


Diplomă de Bacalaureat   (Baccalaureate Diploma)

Average grade of 9 (Grade A=9, Grade B=8, Grade C=7)


Vysvedcenie o   Maturitnej Skúške

Average grade of 1 (Grade A=1, Grade B= 2, Grade C= 2.5)


Maturitetno Spricevalo

Average grade of 4.5 (Grade A=4.5, Grade B=4, Grade C= 3)


Titulo de Bachiller and Prueba de   Acceso a la Universidad (PAU)

Average 8.5/10 (Grade A= 9, Grade B= 8, Grade C= 7)


Avgångsbetyg /   Slutbetyg från Gymnasieskola

Average of MVG or A (Grade A=MVG or A, Grade B= VG or B, Grade C= G or C)

Updated 5 April 2018.