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Brunel Volunteers big events

Mark your calendars, every year we organise some big events in our volunteering year. See below for more information.

September 2020

Brunel Buddies Social

Kickstart the year with this chance to interact with other buddies and mentors on the scheme. Refreshments, music and games will be provided.

October 2020

Volunteering Fair

Come along to this great opportunity to get involved with charities and organisations outside the university.

December 2020

Twelve Days of Christmas volunteering

On the first day of Christmas I gave back to the community. Celebrate the year with a period of servitude, volunteering at different events and charities. Let's give others the Merry Christmas they deserve.

January 2021

Volunteering Fair

Another great opportunity to become more active in the community; and in line with your new year’s resolutions, there’s no time like the present.

February 2021

Good Deeds Day

Celebrate the day as the gift that keeps on giving. In partnership with the local community including Intu Uxbridge and Uxbridge College, spend the day helping out and raising awareness.

April 2021

Brunel Buddies applications open

Apply to be a mentor for new and incoming students to the university.

Brunel Buddies training

A training day for mentors involved in the scheme.

May 2021

Brunel Volunteers Awards Ceremony

Celebrating students and charities alike, we recognise the hours put in by our students over the course of the year with a dinner and awards ceremony.