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Checklist for professional courses (Requirements for International and European Applicants)

All International students are required to complete a number of processes before they can register at Brunel University London.

As you have applied for a professional course there are certain requirements you must meet, the main being the completion of a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) application. The DBS will only cover any time that you have spent in the UK, as you have lived abroad you must complete a further declaration relating to the absence of any criminal convictions. We also require confirmation of your health status and immunisations, below you will find more information.

Please note that you would not be allowed to register until your Medical Questionnaire, Immunisations, Statutory Declaration and DBS application are complete. We start these processes in May and will contact you with further information regarding each of the below steps. 

Please email if you have any questions.


Once you are holding an Unconditional Firm (UF) offer of a place we will send you a link to complete an online medical questionnaire. This form assesses your medical health and will help the University to make adjustments if you require them.

More information can be found here: Medical Questionnaire & Declaration of Health | Brunel University London


For Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Physician Associate and MBBS courses only. 

Please visit this website for further information: Immunisation Checking | Brunel University London


  1. Make arrangements to complete a 'Criminal Clearance Certificate'  before you come to the UK. There may be a charge for this. If you are in a country affected by the coronavirus outbreak and are unable to complete the overseas police clearance, please make arrangements to complete the ‘Statutory Declaration for International Students’. You do not need to compete both forms, only one declaration is required.

  2. If you cannot complete the above, make arrangements to complete a ‘Statutory Declaration for International Students' – this can be completed in your home country or the UK. The Statutory Declaration is a solemn declaration made under the Statutory Declarations Act 1835 and formally declares the existence of a clean criminal record. The declaration must be completed and signed in the presence of a solicitor. The Solicitor must also sign the declaration and provide an official stamp. Please note that the Solicitor may charge a small fee, usually in the UK you will be charged £5 for this service. We have a Solicitor in Uxbridge who provides this service and will be able to assist you with completing this declaration once you are in the Uxbridge area.

  3. Email a copy of the completed declaration to the DBS team in the admissions office. We only need a copy for our records, you should keep the original.

Further information will be sent to all applicants holding offers from June 2022.


Once you have an offer of a place read the information on our website regarding the process and ID checking:

The DBS process starts in May– at this time you will receive an email outlining what you need to do for your DBS – please read this email carefully and contact if you have any questions.


Once you are in receipt of an offer, pay £57.17 for your DBS via your eVision portal. Some courses are exempt the fee and you should check before you make a payment, more information can be found here.


You must complete the online application prior to your travel to the UK, the DBS team will send you instructions and a link to access your DBS application once you have paid for the DBS application. 

Once you have recieved the email link, log in and complete your application.

Please note you are required to select 3 forms of identity documents in this application: The choice of documents for you to choose from is very limited. A full list of accepted ID documents can be found here.


Step 1 (Overseas)




Step 3 (Overseas- offer letter and bank statement)


Once you have selected the ID documents you will be prompted to print off a verification letter. The verification letter confirms the ID you have selected. 

Print off the verification letter and take this along with your ID to a professional person in your home country who can verify the ID and sign the letter. 

The original identity documents must be verified by a professionally qualified person (this must not be a relative, partner, in-law or step parent of the applicant). The accepted professions include:

  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Warrant Officer
  • Member of Parliament
  • Lawyer/Solicitor
  • Teacher/ University Lecturer
  • Local Councillor
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Police Officer
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Legal Executive
  • Barrister
  • Chemist
  • Pharmacist

If you have any concerns regarding carrying out the ID check please contact us at


Please email the verification letter to and keep a copy for your records. We need you to do this so that we can release your application to the DBS. If you don’t do this your application will not progress any further and you will not be able to register.


Wait for your DBS certificate to arrive, if you completed the application using your current home address the certificate will be sent to you at your home address and you need to bring the certificate with you to Brunel University London.

Care of address: As part of the application you will be asked if you want your certificate to be sent to Brunel as a care of address (you should do this if you are completing the application after July) – this means that your DBS certificate will be sent to Brunel and not to your home address. If you choose this option the DBS certificate will need to be collected from the Admissions Office when you arrive in the UK or after you register.


2018 saw changes to the ID documents required for applications from non EEA nationals. All non EEA nationals must now meet the same right to work requirements as individuals entering the UK to work. This means there are constraints on the number of and type of ID students can use. A list of Non EEA primary ID for use in the DBS application can be found below.

- When you start the application you will be asked if your application role is unpaid or paid or for study- students fall under the STUDY bracket and you must select STUDY.

- There are limited forms of ID that you can use, you will be aksed to confirm YES or NO to various forms of ID, please note that if you select no to all forms of ID the application will become locked and you will need to email to unlock your application. Please do not click on the option that states you have no more ID to choose from, at this stage close the application and contact the DBS team for help. 

- You will be asked to select an option that matches your right to work requirements i.e. which which type of passport and visa you hold – select the option that states: current passport endorsed to show that the holder is allowed to stay in the UK and is currently allowed to do the type of work in question. This is the status that will apply to most applicants.

- Once the application is complete you MUST print the verification letter and take your ID to a professional person to be authenticated. If you are in a country affected by the coronavirus outbreak and are unable to visit your Professional Verifier you may be able to complete your ID check in other ways. Please contact your professional verifier regarding the options available to you. If you have any concerns please contact us by email. 

- The completed verification letter must be emailed to so that our team can release your application to the DBS. If you wait to email this, your registration will be delayed.

If you wait until you reach the UK to complete the DBS application you will NOT be able to register on time. You will need to have proof of UK residence before you can complete the DBS application.

To get this you will have to:

1) Open a bank account in the UK. Make an appointment to open an account.

2) Wait for the account opening letter to be sent to you- you will not receieve this on the day you open the accound.

3) You will then need your DBS application to be changed to the post office UK route. This requires you to go to the post office to have your ID documents verified. This costs an additionall £11.

This process can take some weeks to complete.  We strongly recommend that you complete the application in your home country BEFORE coming to the UK.

Identity documents: The choice of documents for you to choose from is very limited. This is due to the right to work changes that the Government introduced and Brunel have to abide by these changes. A full list can be found here: ID Documents for students who live overseas (not in the UK) | Brunel University London

We advise that you start the process early by planning ahead and applying for a photo card driving licence and a bank account. We can accept a bank statement from a UK bank with branches abroad, such as HSBC, and can now accept bank statements from banks outside the EEA. Please make sure you read all the options presented to you.