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Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

As part of the admissions process to join one of Brunel University London’s Professional courses, you are required to complete an application for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate, previously known as a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB). We only undertake Enhanced checks and depending on the course you apply for you will be checked against the chidren's and adult's barred lists or the children's barred list alone.

Applications are completed online. You will need to pay for your application and the cost of a DBS application is currently £46.17 for applications completed in the UK and £57.17 for applications completed overseas. Only after the payment is made will you be given access to the online DBS application. Some courses are exempt the fee and you can find more information here.

In order to complete the ID check in the UK you will need to visit a Post Office participating in the ID checking scheme or if you are an international applicant you must carry out the ID check via a Professional Verifier in your home country prior to your travel to Brunel University London. 

Post Office ID check (UK applicants)

This option is for applicants living in the UK, please note you will need to have a registered proof of UK address and an ID document which confirms your current address to use this service.

1) If you are completing your ID check at a participating Post Office the first step is to pay for your DBS. The cost is £46.17, more information can be found here.

2) Once payment has been received we will initiate your DBS application and send you online log in information. You should complete your application online and choose your ID as part of the application.

3) Print out the online verification form and take this form along with your original ID to the Post Office. The Post Office will verify your ID and then alert the DBS so that your application can be released. Before going to the Post Office please check for your nearest participating Post Office branch, further information can be found on the Post Office website, by selecting the “CRB & ID Verification Service” option. The Post Office ID check costs £12.80, to be paid directly at the Post Office at the time of the ID check.

Please remember to keep your receipt, this is proof that your DBS has been completed and may be required at a later date.

This is fastest DBS application method and the option we recommend.

Professional Verifier ID check (EU and International applicants)

This option is for applicants who do not live in the UK. You must complete your DBS application through a professional verifier ID check in your home country, prior to your arrival in the UK.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You cannot complete your ID check via this method once you arrive in the UK.

If you have not completed the application and ID check prior to your arrival in the UK your registration will be delayed. You will need proof of residency in the UK and this can take weeks to obtain! Please contact before you travel to check you have completed the necessary registration requirements. 

1) The first step is to pay for your DBS, the cost is £57.17, more information can be found here

2) Once payment has been received we will initiate your DBS application and send you online log in information. Complete your application online and choose your ID as part of the application.

3) Then print off the online identity verification form and take the form along with your ID documents to a professional person in your home country i.e. a Police Officer, Solicitor, Doctor, Justice of the Peace, Legal Executive, Warrant Officer, Police Officer, Teacher, University Lecturer, Barrister, Chartered Accountant, Local Councillor, Member of Parliament. The professional person may charge an additional fee for this service. The professional person will complete the identity check form confirming your identity using your original ID.

4) You then need to email. the completed form to the Admissions Office at Brunel University London.  Once received, we will verify this information and then release the application to the DBS.

Care of address

If you complete the application late in the summer you may wish to use Brunel as your care of address. This means that your completed certificate will be sent to the Admissions Office, instead of your home address, you can select this option in the care of address section in your DBS application.


If you have any questions please contact the DBS Team in the Admissions Office on 01895 265265 or email

Updated 2 May 2024