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Criminal Record Declaration for Overseas and EU applicants

All applicants that have applied for a professional course have to meet certain requirements, the main being the completion of a Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) application. The DBS only covers time spent in the UK, therefore if you have lived abroad you must also complete a further declaration relating to the absence of a criminal record in your home country. This is known as a Criminal Record Declaration or a Certificate of Good Conduct.

Completion of the Criminal Record Declaration is a requirement of entry onto your professional course and you will not be allowed to register if you do not produce this document or a clearance certificate from your home country. Please make the necessary arrangements to complete the Statutory Declaration or a Criminal Clearance Certificate early as your registration will be delayed if you do not.

To pass the relevant Criminal Record Declaration check for registration to Brunel University London, applicants will need to complete ONE of the below:

1. Statutory Declaration for International Students

Applicants are asked to complete a Statutory Declaration for International Students'. The Statutory Declaration is a solemn declaration made under the Statutory Declarations Act 1835 and formally declares the existence of a clean criminal record.

The declaration is a form which must be completed in full and signed in the presence of a solicitor in the UK or alternatively by a solicitor in your home country. The Solicitor must also sign the declaration and provide an official stamp. Please note that the Solicitor may charge a small fee, usually £5, for this service if completed in the UK.

You can approach any solicitor of your choice however, HAL Solicitors in Uxbridge, Middlesex, will be able to assist you with completing this declaration once you are in the Uxbridge area. Please contact Andrew Lindsay 01895 251700 or by email at to make an appointment.  HAL Solicitors full address is 8 High Street, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 1JN.

 The completed declaration should be emailed to the DBS team as soon possible. The original copy is for you to keep.

2. Overseas Police Clearance

If you cannot complete the first option, you can provide a copy of your overseas police clearance, also known as a 'Criminal Clearance Certificate' or a 'Certificate of good conduct'. 

Any of the above documents are acceptable in place of a signed solicitor declaration. For example if you live in Ireland and have a recent Garda Siochana clearance we can accept this in place of the declaration.

Any certificate of good conduct should be issued within six months of you starting your course (in September) and should be emailed directly to the DBS team. The original copy is for you to keep.


Important notes:

  • You do not have to complete both options, only one declaration is required.

If you have any questions please contact the DBS team by email at

Updated April 2024.