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Brunel Medical School International Scholarships 

Brunel Medical School is awarding 3 scholarships specifically for international Medicine MBBS students joining the School in September 2024. 

Value: The scholarships are worth over £30,000 each over the duration of the course. Each scholarship has a total value of 15% of the annual tuition fee across the duration of the 5-year course, i.e. 15% of year 1 tuition fee in year 1, 15% of year 2 tuition fee in year 2, etc subject to satisfactory progress.

The scholarship award will be deducted from tuition fees; it will not be awarded as cash.

Brunel Medical School does not currently offer fully-funded scholarships.

Selection process:

Step 1

  • The Brunel Medical School Scholarship Application Panel (SAP) will rank all candidates based on their Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) score and other attributes.
  • The top-ranked candidates will be invited to a scholarship interview.

Step 2

  • The scholarship interview (held online) will involve a short presentation and discussion with the SAP.

The SAP will be chaired by the BMS Academic Head of Admissions and joined by at least one other senior BMS staff member and a non-Brunel participant.

The scholarships will be awarded to the top-ranked interview participants as determined by the interview panel according to criteria relevant determined by the SAP. These criteria and desirable attributes will be communicated to selected candidates in advance of the interviews. The interview panel will be attentive to the distribution of scholarships to ensure diverse representation.

The decision of the interview panel is final and appeals will not be considered.

Scholarship holders will be expected to uphold the values of Brunel Medical School and be role models to students and applicants. 

Data: Data pertaining to bursary/scholarship holders such as: progression rates, degree attainment, degree completion, and graduate outcomes may also be analysed in order to understand the effectiveness of bursaries and scholarships. This data may also be linked to other data already held by the University for the purpose of better understanding the impact of bursaries and scholarships.

For more information please see the full terms and conditions.

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