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Dr Ermioni Xanthopoulou
Senior Lecturer in Law

Research area(s)

EU area of freedom security and justice, EU Criminal law, EU asylum and migration law, EU human rights and constitutional law.


Ermioni is the author of 2018) 'Mutual trust and rights in EU criminal and asylum law: Three phases of evolution and the uncharted territory beyond blind trust'. Common Market Law Review, 55 (2). pp. 489 - 509. ISSN: 0165-0750 that won the prize for Young Academics in 2017 by the journal. 

She is also the author of Fundamental Rights and Mutual Recognition in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: A Role for Proportionality (Hart, forthcoming)

International Fight against Impunity and EU Counter-Terrorism Law: The Case of Foreign Terrorist Fighters’ co-authored with T. Konstadinides (peer-reviewed chapter for the edited book by Dr. Montaldo and Dr. Marin, The Fight Against Impunity in EU Law 2020, Hart Publishing) 

‘Legal Uncertainty, Distrust and Injustice in Brexit Asylum Cooperation’ (peer-reviewed chapter for the edited book by Ahmed and Fahey, On Brexit: Law, Justice and Injustices 2020, Edgar) 

‘The quest for proportionality for European Arrest Warrant and fundamental rights protection in a mutual recognition environment’ (2015) New Journal of European Criminal Law32-52


"Mutual Trust and Fundamental Rights in the Dublin System: A Role for Proportionality?" Odysseus Blog (2021) 

'From mutual trust to mutual distrust in the EU’s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice' REAL Blog (2021) 

'Brexit spells sliding safeguarding duties' (2019) 

Britain must commit to upholding civil liberties if the EU is to agree on security co-operation after Brexit (The Conversation, 2018) 

Radu judgment: A lost opportunity and a story of how the mutual trust obsession shelved human rights (KSLR EU Law Blog, 2013) 

Research Interests

Crime, security, migration, asylum, human rights.