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Professor Maria Kolokotroni
Associate Dean E&D / Professor

Howell Building 122

Research area(s)

  • Urban heat island
  • Urban Albedo and Urban microclimatic characteristics
  • Energy Efficieny in Buildings
  • Nearly Zero Energy Buildings' (nZEB) Retrofit
  • Sustainable heating and cooling energy technologies
  • Ventilation
  • Operational use of buildings
  • Knowledge transfer to other regions

Research Interests

Co-ordinated and participated to a number of UK, European and International projects on Energy Efficient Technologies for Buildings, Nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) Retrofit, Low Energy Cooling and Ventilation, Urban Heat Island (quantification for London and its impact on energy demand by buildings), Urban Albedo and Mitigation Strategies such as cool materials and microclimatic interventions

Research grants and projects

Research Projects


Rutherford Fund Strategic Partner grants
Funder: Universities UK
Duration: March 2018 - March 2019
Urban albedo computation in high latitude locations: An experimental approach
Funder: Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council
Duration: August 2017 - July 2020
Green Instruct
Funder: European Commission
Duration: October 2016 - March 2020
Smart GEMS
Funder: European Commission
Duration: June 2016 - August 2019
End Use Energy Demand Centres Collaborative Projects (via UCL)
Funder: Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council
Duration: April 2016 - February 2018
MENS - Meeting of Energy Professional Skills
Funder: European Commission
Duration: March 2015 - August 2017
e-BITS: Energy BITS – Young people and media for a low energy footprint
Funder: European Commission
Duration: June 2011 - September 2013

Project details

  • Resilient Cooling, EBC Annex 80, International Energy Agency, 2018-2023; more details in
  • Ventilative Cooling, EBC Annex 62, International Energy Agency, 2013-2018; more details in
  • COOL ROOFS – Promotion of Cool Roofs in the EU; funded by EU Intelligent Energy – Europe Programme (IEEA); 2009-2011; more details in
  • IEA, ECBCS Annex 44, Integrating environmentally responsive elements in buildings; funded by EPSRC and Buro Happold Consulting Engineers; 2004-2008; more details in