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Professor Lionel Ganippa

Professor Lionel Ganippa

Howell Building 103A

Research area(s)

  • Laser diagnostics
  • In-cylinder combustion and soot processes
  • Diesel sprays   
  • Exhaust soot particle characterisation - number size and morphology
  • Diesel Engine Combustion and Emissions Control
  • Alternative fuels
  • Diesel particulate filter
  • Soot formation and oxidation in flames from liquid fuels
  • Temperature measurements using Laser Induced Thermographic Phosphorescence
  • Phenomenological modelling and second law analysis of thermodynamic systems

Research grants and projects

Project details

  • Co-Investigator, ‘Micro-explosion of Fuel Blends in Low Carbon Diesel Engines: Experimental and Modelling Study’ (EPSRC GRANT)
  • Principle Investigator of the Shell Global Solutions Sponsored Project on High Pressure Sprays
  • Principle Investigator of the Finning-Caterpillar Sponsored Project on Understanding NOx Dilemma of Biodiesel in Diesel Engines
  • Principle Investigator of the EPSRC GRANT EP/E050085/1 on the Characterization and Reduction of Nano and Ultra-Fine Particulate Emissions from Diesel Engines: A look beyond 2010 Emission Regulations,
  • Principle Investigator of the EPSRC CASE Studentship in collaboration with Shell Global Solutions
  • Principle Investigator of an Industrial sponsored project on the combustion and emission characteristics of plant oils
  • Principle investigator of the Brunel Research Initiative and Enterprise Fund Award
  • Co-investigator of the EPSRC GRANT: EP/F058942/1 on the Fundamental Study of the Novel Poppet Valve 2-Stroke Auto-ignition Combustion Engine (2-ACE)
  • Principle Investigator of the British Council sponsored UKIERI Research Award on the use of Biofuels for the Development of Low Carbon Emission Engines: Application of Laser Diagnostics and CFD simulations