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Department of Health Sciences

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Name Telephone Email Office
Mr Kevin Acott Mr Kevin Acott
Senior Lecturer (Education) in Nursing Mental Health
I'm an experienced educator, clinician, coach, inspector and manager in mental health and social car...
T: +44 (0)1895 266762
+44 (0)1895 266762 Mary Seacole -
Professor Nana Anokye Professor Nana Anokye
Divisional Lead / Professor - Health Economics
Nana is the Director of Division of Global Public Health at the Department of Health Sciences&n...
T: +44 (0)1895 266662
+44 (0)1895 266662 Mary Seacole 2nd Floor
Dr Cristina Asenjo Palma Dr Cristina Asenjo Palma
Lecturer - Social Work
I am a lecturer in Social Work at the College of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. My research foc...
T: +44 (0)1895 268707
+44 (0)1895 268707 Mary Seacole 301 Pod 4 Desk B
Dr Basaam Aweid Dr Basaam Aweid
Medical Director - Physician Associate Programme
Dr. Basaam Aweid Qualified from St. George's University of London with a BSc in Neuroscience. He com...
T: +44 (0)1895 268765
+44 (0)1895 268765 Mary Seacole 201
Mr Amrit Banstola Mr Amrit Banstola
Research Assistant - Health Economics
Amrit Banstola is a Researcher in the Health Economics Research Group (HERG) at the Department ...
T: +44 (0)1895 267590
+44 (0)1895 267590 Mary Seacole 301
Dr Christine Barrett Dr Christine Barrett
Honorary Lecturer
Dr Christine Barrett is an Honorary Lecturer in the Division of Global Public Health, Departmen...
Mrs Roxanne Barrington-Stoute Mrs Roxanne Barrington-Stoute
Lecturer (Education) in Nurse Apprentice Support
T: +44 (0)1895 265186
+44 (0)1895 265186 Mary Seacole -
Mrs Jilly Bond Mrs Jilly Bond
PhD Student
Jilly is a Doctoral Researcher in the College of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. Throughout her ...
Mrs Nicola Bowen Mrs Nicola Bowen
Lecturer (Education) in Nursing
T: +44 (0)1895 267547
+44 (0)1895 267547 Mary Seacole 301
Mr Jon Castle Mr Jon Castle
Lecturer (Professional Practice) in Physiotherapy
Jon is a Physiotherapy lecturer within the Anatomy and Musculoskeletal teams. Jon completed his Bach...
T: +44 (0)1895 266362
+44 (0)1895 266362 Mary Seacole -
Ms Zeynep Celik Turan Ms Zeynep Celik Turan
Lecturer (Education) in Occupational Therapy
Zeynep has started his academic life right after her graduation on 2015. Since then she actively too...
T: +44 (0)1895 265020
+44 (0)1895 265020 Mary Seacole
Dr Kei Long Cheung Dr Kei Long Cheung
Senior Lecturer in Public Health
Kei Long is a Lecturer in Public Health; part of the Department of Clinical Sciences, within the Ins...
T: +44 (0)1895 266728
+44 (0)1895 266728 Mary Seacole 201a
Professor Lesley Collier Professor Lesley Collier
Honorary Professor - Health Sciences
Dr Lesley Collier is a Reader in Occupational Therapy within the College of Health and Life Sciences...
Ms Leona Condliffe Ms Leona Condliffe
Lecturer Specialist Community Public Health Nursing
T: +44 (0)1895 266286
+44 (0)1895 266286 Mary Seacole
Ms Gemma Cook Ms Gemma Cook
PhD Student
Gemma has a portfolio career that combines research, global disability policy expertise, and art-pra...
Dr Shirley Crankson Dr Shirley Crankson
Research Fellow
Shirley is a Research Fellow in the Division of Global Public Health, Department of Health Sciences,...
Professor Nigel Davies Professor Nigel Davies
Professor (Education) and Head of Interprofessional Learning (IPL)
Nigel stared his career as a nurse in the late 1980's and specialised in cardiac nursing. He has hel...
T: +44 (0)1895 268678
+44 (0)1895 268678 Mary Seacole 201a
Mrs Angela Davy Mrs Angela Davy
Senior Lecturer (Education)in Nursing
 I am Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead for the BSc/PGDip Specialist Community Public Health N...
T: +44 (0)1895 268041
+44 (0)1895 268041 Mary Seacole 201 Pod 7
Mr Diarmuid Denneny Mr Diarmuid Denneny
PhD Student
I am a senior clinical physiotherapist with a long history of working with people who live with pain...
Professor Lorraine Desouza Professor Lorraine Desouza
Honorary Professor
I have a major research interest in the management of multiple sclerosis, an area I've been involved...
T: +44 (0)1895 268755
+44 (0)1895 268755 Mary Seacole 201e
Dr Marco Devare Dr Marco Devare
Honorary Reader - Health Sciences
Ms Rosemary Xorlanyo Doe-Asinyo Ms Rosemary Xorlanyo Doe-Asinyo
Lecturer (Education) Occupational Therapy
Rosemary has over six years of experience teaching occupational therapy and coordinating clinical pl...
T: +44 (0)1895 266210
+44 (0)1895 266210 Mary Seacole 201 Pod 3
Dr Carolyn Dunford Dr Carolyn Dunford
Reader in Occupational Therapy
Carolyn has a long and varied occupational therapy career combining clinical leadership, and re...
T: +44 (0)1895 268283
+44 (0)1895 268283 Mary Seacole 307B
Ms Adrienne Finch Ms Adrienne Finch
T: +44 (0)1895 268760
+44 (0)1895 268760 Mary Seacole 2nd Floor/Bay 23
Ms Marjory Fish Ms Marjory Fish
Lecturer (Academic Education) - Nursing
Hi there I am the module lead on the CM3604-CM5602 module - Managing Professional Perspectives in Sp...
T: +44 (0)1895 265454
+44 (0)1895 265454 Mary Seacole 201
Dr Jayne Francis-Shama Dr Jayne Francis-Shama
Senior Lecturer (Academic Education) - Nursing
Jayne is a lecturer in pre-registration nursing and is the programme lead for the Registered Nurse d...
T: +44 (0)1895 266285
+44 (0)1895 266285 Mary Seacole 201
Ms Tai Frater Ms Tai Frater
Honorary Lecturer - Health Sciences
I am an occupational therapist specialised in work with children, young people and families.  I...
Miss Hannah Froome Miss Hannah Froome
PhD Student
Hannah Froome is a current Doctoral researcher in the Public Health and Health Promotion program at ...
Professor Ann Gallagher Professor Ann Gallagher
Professor/Head of Department of Health Sciences
T: +44 (0)1895 267634
+44 (0)1895 267634 Mary Seacole
Miss Antonia Gibson Miss Antonia Gibson
Lecturer (Education) in Adult Nursing
T: +44 (0)1895 268187
+44 (0)1895 268187 Mary Seacole 201
Dr Matthew Glover Dr Matthew Glover
HP Lecturer - Health Studies and Community Health
Matt is a health economist with experience in both academia and consultancy. His role at Brunel is e...
Professor Dido Green Professor Dido Green
HP Lecturer - Occupational Therapy & Community Nursing
Dido Green has over 25 years clinical and research experience as an Occupational Therapist, speciali...
T: +44 (0)1895 266608
+44 (0)1895 266608 Mary Seacole Building 301
Dr Yohai Hakak Dr Yohai Hakak
Senior Lecturer in Social Work
Dr Yohai Hakak joined Brunel in September 2014. Dr. Hakak's practice experience is in mental health ...
T: +44 (0)1895 265844
+44 (0)1895 265844 Mary Seacole 301
Professor Stephen Hanney Professor Stephen Hanney
Honorary Professor - Health Sciences
Emeritus Prof Steve Hanney has a PhD from Brunel University. He has spent over 35 years researching ...
T: +44 (0)1895 265444
+44 (0)1895 265444 Mary Seacole 2nd Floor
Professor Priscilla Harries Professor Priscilla Harries
Honorary Professor - Health Sciences
I have worked in the public sector for 30 years, across a variety of clinical, research and manageme...
Dr Karen Harrison-White Dr Karen Harrison-White
Honorary Professor
I am a Doctor in Education and an experienced nurse educator. I am dual trained as a children's and ...
Mrs Emma Hedley Mrs Emma Hedley
Lecturer (Educational Academic) in Nursing
Emma is a lecturer in Nursing on the Specialist Community Public Health Nursing Programme, a Peadiat...
T: +44 (0)1895 267640
+44 (0)1895 267640 Mary Seacole 201
Dr Ayana Horton Dr Ayana Horton
Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Ayana Horton earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Wayne State University and a Bac...
T: +44 (0)1895 268782
+44 (0)1895 268782 Mary Seacole 2nd Floor - Bay 47
Miss Samantha Hyde Miss Samantha Hyde
Lecturer Occupational Therapy
T: +44 (0)1895 268701
+44 (0)1895 268701 Mary Seacole Building
Miss Natalie Jarrett Miss Natalie Jarrett
Departmental Administrator
T: +44 (0)1895 266278
+44 (0)1895 266278 Mary Seacole 3rd Floor Pod 6
Miss Lesley La-Croix Miss Lesley La-Croix
PhD Student
I am a Postgraduate Researcher and an Education Doctoral candidate in the College of Business and So...
Ms Lesley La-Croix Ms Lesley La-Croix
Lecturer (Education) in Social Work
After working with other Universities in various roles, Lesley joined Brunel as a full-time academic...
T: +44 (0)1895 265768
+44 (0)1895 265768 Mary Seacole 201
Mrs Kezia Llewelyn Mrs Kezia Llewelyn
Associate Lecturer (Education) in Occupational Therapy
Associate Lecturer in Occupational Therapy  After qualifying as an Occupational Therapist, Kezi...
Dr Wendy Martin Dr Wendy Martin
Senior Lecturer
Wendy’s research focuses on the social and cultural aspects of ageing.  This includes the...
T: +44 (0)1895 268747
+44 (0)1895 268747 Mary Seacole 301
Miss Olaya Martinez Mulero Miss Olaya Martinez Mulero
Lecturer (Education) Occupational Therapy
After qualifying as an Occupational Therapist, Olaya gained experience working with older adults in ...
T: +44 (0)1895 266571
+44 (0)1895 266571 Mary Seacole 201 Pod 5 Desk C
Mr Michael McGrath-Brookes Mr Michael McGrath-Brookes
Lecturer (Educational Academic) in Social Work
I am a Qualified Social Worker with 8 years experience as a Social Worker and Team Manager in Childr...
T: +44 (0)1895 266612
+44 (0)1895 266612 Mary Seacole 201
Professor Ravi Mehrotra Professor Ravi Mehrotra
Honorary Professor - Health Sciences
Dr Adrienne Milner Dr Adrienne Milner
Honorary Senior Lecturer - Health Sciences
Dr Adrienne Milner is Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Division of Global Public Health, Department o...
Dr Sushmita Mohapatra Dr Sushmita Mohapatra
HP Lecturer - Occupational Therapy & Community Nursing
Dr Mohapatra is a specialist Occupational therapist with expertise in Stroke and Neuro rehabilitatio...
E: Mary Seacole Building 301 Pod 9b
Mr Shayaan Muraj Mr Shayaan Muraj
PhD Student
Dr Liana Nagy Dr Liana Nagy
Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Liana has joined the Occupational Therapy team at Brunel in August, 2023. She has qualified as an OT...
T: +44 (0)1895 268943
+44 (0)1895 268943
Professor Holly Nelson-Becker Professor Holly Nelson-Becker
Honorary Professor - Health Sciences
Holly Nelson-Becker, PhD, LCSW, ACSW, Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, holds the rank of Professor...
T: +44 (0)1895 267935
+44 (0)1895 267935 Mary Seacole 301c
Dr Emma Norris Dr Emma Norris
Senior Lecturer in Public Health
Dr Emma Norris is a Senior Lecturer in Public Health, within the Department of Health Sciences and C...
T: +44 (0)1895 265056
+44 (0)1895 265056 Mary Seacole Open Plan Office
Dr Alexander Nowicky Dr Alexander Nowicky
Honorary Senior Research Fellow - Health Sciences
T: +44 (0)1895 268813
+44 (0)1895 268813 Mary Seacole 3rd Floor-Bay 21
Miss Danielle Oxenham Miss Danielle Oxenham
Lecturer (Professional Practice) in Occupational Therapy
Danielle (she/her) obtained an MSc in Occupational Therapy (pre-registration) in 2017 from Brunel an...
T: +44 (0)1895 266446
+44 (0)1895 266446 Mary Seacole 301
Dr Lisa Patrick Dr Lisa Patrick
HP Lecturer - Occupational Therapy & Community Nursing
Lisa has been an Occupational Therapist for over 9 years and has a specialist interest in working wi...
T: +44 (0)1895 268832
+44 (0)1895 268832
Professor Subhash Pokhrel Professor Subhash Pokhrel
Professor - Public Health Economics
Subhash Pokhrel, PhD is a professor of health economics and the Lead, Health Economics Research Grou...
T: +44 (0)1895 268745
+44 (0)1895 268745 Mary Seacole 3012d
Mrs Margaret Pratt Mrs Margaret Pratt
Lecturer (Education) in Nursing
Hi there! I am a registered nurse and am currently a nurse academic within the Nursing Division. I h...
T: +44 (0)1895 267617
+44 (0)1895 267617 Mary Seacole -
Dr Amy Prescott Dr Amy Prescott
Research Fellow
T: +44 (0)1895 268148
+44 (0)1895 268148 Heinz Wolff 102a
Dr Mellissa Prunty Dr Mellissa Prunty
Reader in Occupational Therapy
Mellissa is the Divisional Lead for Occupational Therapy at Brunel University London. She is a child...
T: +44 (0)1895 268843
+44 (0)1895 268843 Mary Seacole 301
Mrs Laura Read Mrs Laura Read
Associate Lecturer (Education) in Clinical Skills Nursing
I am a registered midwife by clinical background, with experience in education and clinical skills w...
T: +44 (0)1895 265765
+44 (0)1895 265765 Mary Seacole 201 Pod 10
Dr Isla Rippon Dr Isla Rippon
Research Fellow
I am a research fellow within the Department of Health Sciences working on the ESRC funded project &...
Dr Uri Rosenblum Belzer Dr Uri Rosenblum Belzer
Research Fellow
I received my PhD from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, where I studied stepping and neuromuscula...
T: +44 (0)1895 266993
+44 (0)1895 266993 Mary Seacole 3rd Floor
Ms Elaine Saunders Ms Elaine Saunders
Lecturer (Professional Practice) in Occupational Therapy
Elaine joined Brunel in September 2021. Elaine obtained her BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy in 2010 ...
T: +44 (0)1895 266434
+44 (0)1895 266434 Mary Seacole 301
Miss Kubra Sezer Miss Kubra Sezer
Kubra Sahadet Sezer obtained a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree in occ...
T: +44 (0)1895 265016
+44 (0)1895 265016 Mary Seacole
Mrs Nessie Shia Mrs Nessie Shia
Lecturer (Education)
I am a registered Mental Health Nurse, Lecturer (Education) in Nursing, APEL Co-ordinator on Sp...
T: +44 (0)1895 268838
+44 (0)1895 268838 Mary Seacole 2nd Floor,Bay 32
Mr Sherwyn Sicat Mr Sherwyn Sicat
Divisional Lead (Social Work) / Lecturer (Education)
Sherwyn Sicat has a range of practice experience from his time working in Children and Families Soci...
T: +44 (0)1895 267956
+44 (0)1895 267956 Mary Seacole 201
Dr Andrew Siu Dr Andrew Siu
Reader in Occupational Therapy
Dr. Andrew Siu is a mental health specialist in occupational therapy practice. He is experienced in ...
T: +44 (0)1895 268783
+44 (0)1895 268783 Mary Seacole
Dr Panagiota Smyrni Dr Panagiota Smyrni
Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
T: +44 (0)1895 268771
+44 (0)1895 268771 Mary Seacole 1st Floor,Bay 8
Dr Georgia Spiliotopoulou Dr Georgia Spiliotopoulou
Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Prior to joining the Department of Clinical Sciences, Georgia worked in physical, learning disabilit...
T: +44 (0)1895 268827
+44 (0)1895 268827 Mary Seacole 2nd Floor,Bay 41
Mrs Elaine Tabony Mrs Elaine Tabony
HP Lecturer - Health Studies and Community Health
Elaine is the programme lead for Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (SCPHN) managing 6 pathw...
T: +44 (0)1895 268809
+44 (0)1895 268809 Mary Seacole 201
Ms Jou Yin Teoh Ms Jou Yin Teoh
Senior Lecturer (Education) in Occupational Therapy
I use co-production and participatory methologies including the Kawa Model to scrutinise, challenge,...
T: +44 (0)1895 267700
+44 (0)1895 267700 Mary Seacole
Dr Michael Thomas Dr Michael Thomas
Associate Dean – Equality and Diversity / Senior Lecturer in Social work
I am a Senior Lecturer in Social Work. My research interests focus on sexualities, equalities a...
T: +44 (0)1895 268563
+44 (0)1895 268563 Mary Seacole 301
Professor Fiona Verity Professor Fiona Verity
Professor - Social Work
Fiona has a background in community development work in Australia in the 1980s. She worked in variou...
T: +44 (0)1895 268915
+44 (0)1895 268915 Mary Seacole 201
Professor Christina Victor Professor Christina Victor
Director of Research Institute / Professor
Christina joined Brunel in October 2009. She is  Professor of Gerontology and Public Health&nbs...
T: +44 (0)1895 268730
+44 (0)1895 268730 Mary Seacole 301b
Dr Lorna Wales Dr Lorna Wales
Senior Lecturer (Education)
T: +44 (0)1895 265267
+44 (0)1895 265267 Mary Seacole 201
Dr Allison Wiseman Dr Allison Wiseman
Divisional Lead / Reader (Education) - Nursing
Allison joined Brunel University, London in August 2019 as Clinical Academic Reader Physician Associ...
T: +44 (0)1895 265792
+44 (0)1895 265792 Mary Seacole 201