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Our research focusses on providing knowledge, insight and innovative technological breakthroughs that improve the sustainability, design, integrity and performance of manufacturing processes and products, through more efficient use of resources, development of novel materials and pioneering Industry 4.0, leading to socio-economic and environmental benefits. 

Aligned with the Government’s GCRF challenge areas and Industrial Strategy ‘Grand Challenges’, our strengths mean we can make a significant impact on the industrial and global societal challenges with our challenge-led, interdisciplinary research. 

Our excellent disciplinary manufacturing research provides knowledge, insight and innovative technological breakthroughs in Industry 4.0: the automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies, including the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing, often referred to as the fourth industrial revolution.

Our work in manufacturing and materials innovation

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Research expertise

Our challenge-led, interdisciplinary research and innovation in manufacturing is underpinned by a number of research groups including:

Smart Manufacturing and Materials Innovation